a fumble cost us the game… but it was cameron’s, not rice’s or flacco’s

January 15, 2011 |


i have talked about cameron all year. i have complained about his play calling and then told that i don’t know enough about football.

i just want to pose a question, a therory. i don’t think there is a right answer. i know i can’t answer it for sure.

it deals with something that i believe i have seen over and over, even going back to the billick era.

this is just my perception. i am not saying it is a fact.

but i believe to be true. i believe it to be true because i seem to have seen it over and over and over…

and this time, it was the turning point in what i consider the biggest game the ravens have had since superbowl 35.

it was a fumble. not ray rice’s fumble, although I heard gary stein almost have a stroke after the game insisting that his fumble was the mistake that cost the game.

it was cameron’s play call one play before that.

i beleive it was 2nd and more than 10. i think it was 15.

we ran the ball.

we were deep in our own territory.

what i looked for then, happened.

the team turned into the runaway disaster that we have seen so often.

my theory is that the game turned not because ray fumbled, but that ray fumbled because the game turned.

and it turned because when the offense went to line up on 2nd and 15, deep in their own territory, up by two touchdowns, on the road, in the divisional playoffs, with less than a half to go, momentum completely on their side, the steelers maybe doubting themselves…

cam cameron wanted to run the ball.

he seemed to feel that taking the risk of doing something completely the opposite of what he should do was a good idea. at least at that point.

i really don’t know what he was thinking.

what i’d really like to know is, what were the players thinking?

so this is what i have seen and what i have speculated about.

it seems to me that when these calls are made, in this example or all of the times we have seen the call to throw on 3rd or 4th and one, the player say “we just have to execute the play”.

“we don’t make the calls.”

but are they really thinking, “why is he asking me to execute a play that makes no sense?”

it seems to me that these play calls have mostly led to bad results.

and i wonder is it that the offense, which seems to be in a groove when these play calls happen, is saying to themselves, “what the hell is he thinking?”

the try to execute it, they fail, and the momentum, the rhythm is lost.

the offense sputters, and the team falls apart.

so my theory is that when the oc, whoever he is, makes a call that goes against common sense, the players feel like they are being asked to step off of a ledge because they’ve been told that gravity won’t exist for them this time. So they try it. And they fall.

They are betrayed by their OC because he is in charge and he wants them to take a leap of faith.

Just execute. If you execute right, the play will work.

Well, if I flip on my television, it might turn into a pile of thousand dollar bills.

But it probably won’t.

I call this over-intellectualizing.

Coach Billick, imo, was the king of over-intellectualizing.

It’s like saying that because something is possible, although statistically improbable, we can still make it happen if we do it just right.

Like if I jump off my roof, maybe I’ll fly.

I mean, it’s possible. Anything is possible.

Yet, we all know that feeling when we see someone who has a bad idea that they are really determined to make work.

And we’re all looking at each other like, maybe we should say something.

But the OC is in charge.

Last week I said that since Coach Harbaugh seems to have had given Cameron the keys and said, “this is yours. you’re responsible for it”.

I said that he was being a good manager because by doing so he was isolating the problem. if the offense is cameron’s and he has ALL OF THESE WEAPONS, then if they suck, it’s his fault.

Well, Coach Harbaugh imo has gotten his answer about cameron.

he needs to go.

unfortunately, getting this answer came at the expense of what imo very well could be the very end of our current window of possibility for a superbowl.

Maybe he should have interfered after all. Maybe we won’t get to a SB for 5, 10 years.

Or maybe we’ll win it all next year.

I’d say it’s against the odds.

But anything is possible.