The good, the bad and the ugly…

April 25, 2008 |

The good the NFL, the bad the NBA playoffs, and the ugly the NHL playoffs. I mean are they even playing hockey or have a league after the “Great One” retired. The good, Lakers and Celtics in the spotlight again, the bad Kobe in the spotlight, and the ugly the WIZARDS. Really they don’t have a chance, unless superman comes to save the day and plays for them. The good, Dolphins for signing the first round pick without a holdout, the bad Cincinnati, way too many headaches and jail sentences, and the ugly, THE RAVENS. If they don’t get or trade up to get Ryan, forget it it will be like watching the Orioles trying to win a game. Maybe they can petition the NFL commish to play in the big ten and we can start Troy Smith, they still ould be a sub 500 team. Last one, the good, the start of the MLB season, the bad, being an Orioles fan, and the ugly, THE ORIOLES. Get real they would struggle to win a double A game let alone a single A championsip….

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