The Greatest Time of Year

October 05, 2009 |

With all apologies to the first weekend of March Madness, this week, especially in 2009, is the best sports week of the year. Honestly, if you look at the opening week of the NCAA tournament, the action starts Thursday at noon, and ends Sunday evening around 7:00. You get three and a half days of non-stop college basketball. And as everyone in America can attest, it’s great fun. It becomes much less fun as soon as your “three seed to the final four” gets knocked out, but it’s still fun. However, when you look at what this week will bring, I think it’s hard to argue this week has that week beat, at least this year.

First off, there is not just one sport, but three sports. Baseball, NFL football, and college football. Unless you’re going to try to convince me you care about NBA games while teams are playing out the string in March…actually you can try to convince me all you want, but I’m not buying it.

So let’s go day by day, October 5th – October 11th, 2009.

Monday: Brett Farve versus the Packers. This isn’t Johnny U as a Charger, Broadway Joe as a Ram, or Joe Montana as a Chief. This is Brett Farve, still playing at an elite level, for a division rival. A hated division rival. I can’t think of a more anticipated week four NFL match-up ever.

Tuesday: A little bonus baseball. 162 games weren’t enough to crown the winner of the AL Central. Also, the Metrodome gets at least nine more innings of baseball.

Wednesday: The MLB playoffs begin with three games.

Thursday: Three more MLB playoff games and a Big 12 match-up featuring 3-1 Nebraska at 4-0 Missouri.

Friday: Game two in both the AL playoff series.

Saturday: Game three in both the NL playoff series, plus a full slate of college football action.

Sunday: Game three in both AL series, game four in both NL series, if necessary, and a full slate of NFL games.

If you’re a well rounded sports fan, this week rocks.