The greatest trick the NFL ever pulled…

August 12, 2010 |

The Ravens will open their 2010 campaign with a pre-season matchup against the Carolina Panthers tonight. The fans in Baltimore are foaming at the mouths to get off work and begin tailgating. The Orioles season wasn’t much of anything until recently and The Ravens have been picked nationally as favorites to get to the Super Bowl. The hype as created a stir in the city that is ready to burst tonight. So what is on the minds of these teams going into the game…Don’t get hurt! The projected game day starters will see limited reps, while players you will never hear of again give you a preview of the upcoming UFL Superstars to be…

It is the greatest dupe in sport. You have to give it to NFL though. Through the media, PR, business savvy and scheduling, they have created reason to watch and pay for pre-season games. The pre-season headlines are filled with player holdouts, guys who can’t finish 300 yard shuttles and what impact players are getting injured. There isn’t one news story about the actual preseason game matchups or who has the edge. Why not? The players that end up deciding the outcomes of the games usually never see a real NFL regular season game in their career.  From a pure Player and team standpoint, there is no justifiable reason to have a pre-season game in the year 2010. The NFL player no longer has a real offseason. NFL teams are interacting with players and holding camps throughout the entire year. These players have been taped, timed and scrutinized for their play in their teams system so many times that if the coaches don’t know what kind of players they have by the time pre-season rolls around, then these coaches should not be coaching in the NFL. I would bet that by the time training camp rolls around, 99% of the teams around the league have 99% of their 2010 rosters set. The “filler” guys they bring in to camp basically give the vets a break during the training camp heat as well as giving the vets a decent look when competing. Yes, occasionally the diamond in the rough comes out of nowhere. Those stories are exactly what they are, rare. The NFL has become a recession proof animal in one of the worst economic downturns in US history…How is that so?? The NFL has been able to get Joe Fan to buy into the most horrible displays of football, known as the Preseason. What is the old adage of the successful used car salesman? He could sell a ketchup Popsicle to a woman in white gloves. I guarantee that M&T bank stadium will be packed to root on their Ravens tonight. Are the fans really rooting on their Ravens of 2010? The starters will be long gone after the 2ndquarter whistle blows. The fans will be left with the likes of guys trying to get contracts with the Baltimore Mariners, Canadian Football Leagues, UFL and NFL practice squads once the training camp breaks. Who in their right mind would shell out Regular season type money for a subpar product such as that?

Just remember as you sit there in M&T bank tonight and Ray Lewis comes shooting out of the tunnel doing his dance and the entire crowd goes nuts…That will probably be the most action you see from Ray Lewis. And in the back of your mind as the starters exit and the 3rdteam Offense is driving for a go ahead score, just ask yourself…”I paid $55+ for this?? Yes you did and I will be sitting there next to you with an $8 beer, $7 hot dog in hand shouting…”Yes we did!!!”

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