The “Grill Session” is over. I survived.

March 06, 2009 | Drew Forrester

I will forever be indebted to Matt Stover.

Had he not picked last night to announce he wasn’t returning to the Ravens, I might still be talking to Steve Harrell, the Orioles Hangout member who showed up to “grill me” at 4:30pm and started arguing with me at, well, about 4:33pm.

Things simmered down – once I reminded him for the 3rd time that I wasn’t there to talk about Nestor – and we carried on with the interview in a nearly-professional manner at a local eatery in Towson (not a sponsor of the show so they don’t get a mention! lol).

Steve’s certainly not a professional interviewer, but it was fun nonetheless.  

In the end, his bark was far worse than his bite.  Just like I expected.

He asked me questions about Orioles Hangout and I answered them honestly.  He asked a lot of questions about the Orioles and I answered them honestly.  

Steve rolled his eyes quite a bit when I answered his questions.

He didn’t know it, but I was rolling my eyes when he asked a bunch of them.

Every answer I gave him is a topic or an answer I’ve discussed or written about before.  A lot.

It’s going to take a couple of days, at least, for the interview to get posted at  Steve is out of town for a wedding and I’m swamped with Ethan stuff and a Sunday of golf at Mountain Branch.  Part of the (silly) intense pre-interview negotiations Steve insisted on included his right to examine – and approve, I guess – the interview before I post it at  

At some point, though, I’ll post the “grill session” and you can see for yourself how much fun we had.

I’m just glad I made it out alive.