The Heartbeat Of Baltimore Football Is Coming To WNST …..

October 21, 2009 |

If you watched last week’s ESPN documentary, “The Band That Wouldn’t Die,” it’s very plausible to walk away with the rightful belief that ONE GUY really served as the catalyst holding the Baltimore Colts Marching Band and their hopes alive ……

He would disagree with you – while suggesting it was merely a group effort by people who loved and hugged a city. And, that same city “hugged them back” …..

John Ziemann really is the local symbol of HUMILITY and SELFLESSNESS.

Just don’t tell him.

I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting John, in person. We’ve talked, by phone, but never met ….. and, that’s about to change – in 4 days.

Since the Ravens have a bye week, we’re afforded the luxury of changing things around during WNST’s pregame show, “The Sunday Morning Blitz.” This Sunday, we’ll be joined, in-studio, by John Ziemann.

John led the Baltimore Colts Marching Band. He’s President the Marching Ravens. And, he was a featured participant in last week’s documentary.

Now, you might be saying to yourself, “the program was pretty complete …. what angle will you cover?”

That’s a fair consideration.

From our perspective, there is still a lot to recount and learn. I’m not suggesting we dwell on a situation that will never change. That’s not productive.

However, John Ziemann is an authority on BALTIMORE FOOTBALL.

Maybe, he’s not as informed as the “insiders,” who cover the Ravens, as fixtures in the locker room, on gameday, as well as the team’s facility, in Owings Mills. And, perhaps, John Ziemann doesn’t have the scoop on what plagues this current Ravens squad and how to fix them.

I’m not sure anyone does.

But, if you do have that scoop – you might wanna visit the castle, and catch up with “Little Bill,” because he’s convinced nothing is really broken. In fact, according to him, the “essential element is in place.”

I feel better now – at least, ‘til Jim Irsay and his Colts come to town, in just one short month.

And, in speaking of Jim Irsay, we’ll learn a few things about the conflicted Colts owner, during our upcoming conversation with John Ziemann. In fact, John will carry the Irsay portion of Levinson’s piece a little further …..

I think Barry Levinson did an AWESOME job with the program.

But, it was limited on time – and, thus, limited on content.

Without divulging too much information, too soon (we want you to listen on Sunday !!!!), you’re gonna learn a few things from John …..

• Did you know Jim Irsay called John Ziemann, just a few days after the move to Indianapolis? Hmmm …. I wonder what they talked about?

• Did you know that when John suffered debilitating injuries, in a very serious auto accident, just a few short years ago, Jim Irsay was one of the first people reaching out to him?

• Did you know Ernie Accorsie was negotiating with Jack Elway and “all but had John signed” when Bob Irsay traded the quarterback to Denver?

• Did you know the “John Elway to the New York Yankees” chatter was a smokescreen? As one Yankees official told Accorsi, “he’s good – but not that good.”

• Did you know Jacksonville dropped out of the expansion process, but ONE GUY flew to Jacksonville and “talked ‘em back in”?

If you’re listening on Sunday, John Ziemann will be dishing about these topics, and MUCH MORE …..

And, yes, John will be taking phone calls.

So, if you watched Barry Levinson’s “The Band That Wouldn’t Die” and you want to ask questions or add something, give us a call. It’s a bye week, but we’re talking football.

In fact, we’re gonna be talking about the essence of Baltimore’s football heartbeat. As Little Bill would say, “the essential element is in place.” Indeed, it is …. and, it always has been.

But, that ELEMENT cannot be found in a locker room or field of play. The very element that is Baltimore football is already here – it’s always been here. And, John Ziemann will tell you about it …..

Tune in, on Sunday.