The Impact of Darrelle Revis on Baltimore

August 24, 2010 |

I understand that everyone is tired of hearing about this whole Revis contract situation, as am I. Never in the history of the NFL has there been so much talk about a contract with a player and hopefully it will come to end…….or maybe not.

The Ravens play the Jets week 1, on Monday night football, on the road and in the brand stadium in the Meadowlands. As much as we are all fed up with hearing about how stubborn, spoiled and ignorant Revis is being here, we should be paying attention to the situation.

Cornerback Darelle Revis is hands down the best CB in the game. There is no argument about it. If you think differently, you should watch his performance last year against some of the best WR in the game. Why is this important to Baltimore? Well, because we just so happen to be playing the Jets in the first game of the season.

There are many positives and negatives to this situation. Starting with the positives is that it is possible Revis is not suited up in week 1 as a Jet. This would ultimately give the Ravens the edge in this game because Revis is just THAT good that losing him hurts them very, very much. A negative here asks this question. Do I think WR Anquan Boldin can handle Revis? Of course I do. However, we have to be realistic that Boldin is probably not going to have too great of a game against this guy.

Now one other positive here involves hoping that Revis is there in week 1. The reason for this is because I want to see Boldin rip this guy apart. He is the best, no doubt, but he can be beat…….I think. It would be ever so sweet to see our new tough guy WR man handling Revis up and down the field. In order to be the best, you have to beat the best. And if the Ravens were to beat a Revis-less Jets team, it just would not feel right. Sort of like beating Pittsburgh without Big Ben back there. It just feels so good beating those teams at full strength.

So here is to getting this entire contract thing over with so that we can finally go back to talking about Favre’s 401k plans.