The Innocent Athlete Suffers Again

August 24, 2009 |

I love tackling these types of stories because it gives me a chance to really rail against people that I think take advantage of the nonsense known as Political Correctness. So the story is some undrafted free agent was ‘so-called’ profiled and approached for passing a hand gun to a friend at the Inner Harbor. The individual story doesn’t matter. Unfortunately what was passed was a cell phone and now the guys agent is screaming profiling and sounding the Racism-Alert. Unfortunately it was crowded at the Harbor Place Pavilions and the player was dressed in a sweat suit with hood. And yes, the player was black. All of these facts are true. Its also true that the was an altercation between the two which resulted in the player getting arrested.
The AP story depicts two possible scenarios. Scenario A is that when the officer approached the player, he turned and accosted the officer knocking him to the ground, which was followed by the officers arresting the player and taking him in for disturbing the peace. Scenario B is that the player was just the victim of an over-aggressive cop who was knocked down by his own physicality and lead to the players arrest for being completely innocent. The true story? Its probably not A and its probably not B. Its probably somewhere in the middle. I would assume working in the city, as I do, the police are more vigilant in terms of watching out for suspicious behavior. They have to watch out for behaviors that might mean other things. If an officer only REACTED to what happens, we would never be able to fight to reduce crime. They have to be aware and cautious of surroundings.
Remember that story about the Harvard professor who was buddies with our president that was arrested by Boston police for breaking into his home and being belligerent with the police. So many people yelled and cried profiling and that this cop in Boston, James Crowley, was just some guy looking to start trouble. Remember Reggie Lewis, the great basketball player who played at Dunbar and then starred at Northeastern University and was a 1st round pick of the Celtics in 1987? When he collapsed about 16 years ago do you know who tried to revive him with CPR and save his life? James Crowley, the same guy that was vilified about a month ago for arresting this academic in Boston. So this cop changed in a decade from being someone fighting to save the life of a young black kid to someone who wanted to spew hate? Police react to what is going on around them. They aren’t bad people. Pass by a cop and smile and wave to them. Chances are, they will smile and wave back.
This Ravens linebacker is probably not going to make the team, with or without this arrest. The altercation probably clinches it. Look at some other Ravens who were involved with the law. BJ Sams, gone. Corey Fuller, gone. Ralph Staten, gone. This likely won’t end the pattern. In the scheme of things, something like this is just a blip on the 2009 radar. The Ravens won’t look back. And this guy’s agent won’t be called out for complaining of profiling. I am in no position to speak on this sort of thing as an expert. It just really pains me every time I read or hear these screams of intolerance. Unfortunately its those that yell and scream that are the most guilty.