The Irsay Grave Pics — “Urine the wrong” for passing them around

February 10, 2010 | Drew Forrester

I was going to write about this three weeks ago when someone sent me the pictures in the days following the Ravens’ loss to the Colts in the playoffs…but I didn’t.

When I first saw the two photos of the Ravens fan – dressed in a Todd Heap jersey – I literally deleted them from my computer.  I’m not a prude or anything, I’ve watched an R-rated movie or two along the way, but seeing the evidence of a man urinating on someone else’s grave was a bit too much for me.  And my computer.

If you’re coming into this in the 8th inning, I’ll catch you up on the details.  There’s not much to it, actually.

A Ravens fan made his way to Bob Irsay’s gravesite when the team was in Indianapolis for the playoff game in January and had someone take two pictures — one was of the man urinating on Irsay’s grave.  And the other was of him squatting – pants down and all – at the foot of the actual Irsay tombstone as if he was — uh — ahem — doing #2 there.

I’m not posting the pictures here, although I’ve received them not once, not twice, not three times — but FIVE times this week, including again this morning, as they make their way through cyberspace.

And I’m not posting them here because I think it’s wrong, it speaks poorly of Baltimore and it sheds a shameful light on Ravens fans everywhere.

I don’t know the identity of the guy in the pictures and I’m not looking to interview him on the air.  He did what he did and, I assume, he must be doing OK dealing with himself in the aftermath of “Pee-Gate”.

What I’d really like, honestly, is for everyone to stop sending the pictures to their friends, neighbors and co-workers.

Perhaps by now the damage has been done.  In this ramped-up, Mach 12 life-speed we’re all living, it only takes ONE person to get the pictures and put them out on the web and they’re in London, Hong Kong and Sydney before you can say “Nice throw at the end of the game, Peyton”.

But sending those pictures out is, in my mind, a statement of blanket approval that you condone such behavior:  peeing on a man’s grave.

I don’t approve of it, and, therefore, I haven’t forwarded the pics, nor will I.

I wonder if the person in the photo(s) still has a father who is alive?

My dad died in April of 2003.  He was a car salesman and a local hotshot at the pool table and the dart board and I’m sure, along the way, he made some enemies in his time on Earth.

That said, I don’t know how I would react if I drove down to Crownsville Veterans Cemetery one morning and saw a guy standing over his gravesite — buried next to my mom– taking a leak on his remembrance-stone.

And it wouldn’t matter to me if the guy doing the business there said, “Your old man beat me out of $200 playing pool one night in 1978 and then didn’t buy me a drink afterwards”.  It wouldn’t matter what happened between them.

You’re peeing on my dad’s grave?  Really?

I don’t think I’d handle that well.

I have no idea what the Irsay family thinks about their father, Robert.  There are plenty of urban legend-type stories out there that say nearly all of the family had sort of disowned him in the latter stages of his life.  I know I’ve heard his son, Jimmy, speak both fondly and not so fondly of him at various stages over the last 15 years.

But that doesn’t mean any family member would condone someone taking a leak on their father’s gravesite.

Irsay Sucks! t-shirts and bumper stickers?  Sure.  Chanting “Irsay Sucks” at home games when the Colts come back to Baltimore?  Fair enough.

Irsay made Baltimore miserable when he trucked the team to Indianapolis in 1984, but he didn’t fly planes into buildings and kill innocent people. If Bin Laden is ever caught and they put him in Times Square and allow folks the opportunity to visit New York and pee on him while he’s strapped to a chair, the line will stretch to the Statue of Liberty.

Bin Laden probably deserves worse than that line would ever give him.

But peeing on a guy’s grave?  Really?  That’s what we do in 2010?

I guess what almost bothers me more than anything is that the person doing his business did it while wearing a Todd Heap Ravens jersey.  If you’re gonna do something as shameful as that, slap on your sweat pants and a non-descript t-shirt and coat and have at it.

Don’t take a piss on Robert Irsay’s grave and OPENLY attach yourself to Baltimore and the Ravens.

And would you all please stop e-mailing the pictures to everyone you know, including me.  I don’t want to see them anymore.

It’s not something to be proud of, honestly, and I wonder how any of you would react – those who have lost a mom or a dad – if you saw photos of someone doing that to your loved ones final resting place?

Those pictures aren’t reflective of everything-Baltimore, but, sadly, the more they’re circulated, the better chances we all have of being lumped in with someone who took a funny idea over a few beers and turned it into historical evidence.

The more they get out, the more the pictures tell a troubling tale about the Baltimore football fan.

Not cool.  Not cool at all.