The Joy Of Plunging

January 31, 2010 |

Yes, your’s truly was one of over 21,000 pinheads who braved Mother Nature’s wrath and plunged for a great cause yesterday. I was the goof wearing the “Pope costume”…lol. It was great having my 10 year old son join me and he did an even better job plunging than I did. Here’s a few random plunge thoughts for those who’ve never done it before and are considering doing it in the future:

1) Get there kind of early, there’s a great deal to do (weather permitting) and lots’ of celeb’s to meet and greet.

2) Find a good spot in the your changing tent!!! Talk about pandemonium, wow…there were more women in the “mens tent” than I’ve seen in “Big John” when going to a rock concert at the Verizon Center. They should REALLY consider adding more space to change. It gets crazy right around plunging time and getting back into the tent can be a challenge.

3) Much better job getting people to and from Sandy Point this year. Kudos to every bus driver who helped keep the wait time down to a minimum.

4) Be yourself, trust me, as the Papal Plunger, I was hardly the only oddball outfit found at the plunge, just go to there facebook site and you’ll see.

5) Most importantly, it’s for a GREAT CAUSE. The money people raise every year is amazing and I’ve never been more proud of my son for the job he did by participating in this worthwhile event.