The Lesser Light of the Ripken Family, More Cam-bashing, and Fake Drafts

February 25, 2011 |

—Billy Ripken is a moron.  Saw him bulletpoint the reasons for the Orioles good play down the stretch in ’10 as follows:  1. Stealing Bases  2.  Sacrifice Hits  3.  Pitching

Unless the list is sorted by least important to most important, that’s just insanity.  If anybody can find the link, please post it in the comments cause I can’t believe he can be that misguided. 

—From the Sun’s Orioles Insider blog -“Roberts says he’s not overly concerned about stiff neck.”  The over/under for a Roberts DL trip is May 1st.,0,5857888.story More ammo for the fire Cam crowd.  I think the potential lockout was the deciding factor in his continued employment.  I hope he lasts longer than Fassel in ’06.

—Random Mock Draft of the Day has the Ravens taking Boise State receiver Titus Young.  I’ll eat my hat if he runs as well as Desean Jackson did at the combine.  Seems like a reach to me.  This is the first mock I’ve looked at, is there any way Colin Kaepernik goes 43rd overall?  Seems like a 6th round project at best to me. 

—Fun with comps-  Kurt Suzuki and Mike Sweeney, there’s quite a bit of space in there.  Average catcher or difference maker.