The Long Road

May 01, 2009 |

Now is the time when you find out if you are a real fan or not. Our 6-4 Orioles have turned into our 9-13 Orioles very quickly.  So,you tell me, are you the kind of fan who’s in it for the long haul, or are you off the band wagon already?  There are lots of reasons to stay interested in this team.  Jones, Markakis, Roberts, Mora, and Huff on offense.  Yes, I did say Huff.  If he comes close to the numbers he put up last year, I’m all for signing him to a three year deal.  That is, if he would even re-sign with the club.  Mora I think you let go.  Back to business, are you a fan that will only support a winner?  Once the Orioles return to winning will you tell all your friends how you’ve always been an Oriole fan?  Or, will you honestly get wrapped up in the development of young talent with the promise of better days to come?

  We know we will see the young arms.  Hell, to this point in the season, the Orioles don’t have a starter with an ERA under 5.00. Except for Uehara who has a 4.50.  It’s inevitable that some or all of the young arms will make their way to Camden Yards.  Bergesen looks to have talent and poise.  Guthrie has not looked sharp or strong in his last  two starts, but at least he went six full innings and five full against the White Sox and Rangers, respectively.

With the exception of Baez, Ray, Johnson, and Walker( I can’t believe I’m supporting Jamie Walker), blow up the rest of the staff.  Adam Eaton is on the cheap, so keep him around until Rich Hill is ready.  Then drop him unceremoniously.  These things are all likely to happen and that’s good for us, the fan.  Keep watching this team, because you’re going to get a taste of whats to come over the course of the next few years.  Keep the faith.