The Maryland Students Are At It Again

February 26, 2009 |

Just when I was ready to praise the Maryland students because there were no reports of damage or fires after the UNC win and the Jon Scheyer signs were great I hear two things that won’t let me do that. First of all whether you love or hate the Duke students at least they are clever enough to do some research and use the information they collect to poke fun at their opponent. They also keep it within the confines of the game. The Maryland students have once again brought back the “f__k y_u” chant. This time instead of J.J. Reddick it was Kyle Singler whose name was associated. They also spent their Tuesday night calling the Duke players in their hotel rooms at all hours of the night. These are just the latest examples of the stupidity that the students will go to. Here is proof of the phone calls and the chant was clearly heard on national TV.

 By the way after all this work their team still lost.