The MISL: I Hate to Say I Told You So, but….

May 28, 2008 |

Steve Ryan announced his resignation today as commissioner of the MISL. I’m not shocked nor surprised by this but unfortunately it’s two years too late. The league is on life support with many of it’s franchises just not doing well at the gate. Ryan leaves no legacy behind to be proud of at all and basically ran the league into the ground. He can be proud of nothing and he almost single handedly has destroyed the MISL. Yes it never was the league you and and I grew up with in the 80’s in either talent or attendance, but the MISL version II was an abortion. The franchises who have come and gone in the last 8 years alone are like body bags during the Vietnam War era, to many. Today should be a day of rejoicing but this development comes to little to late. I suspect there will now be a fraction in the league as well with and East and West division that will have a severely reduced cap and the quality of player you will have will resemble that of your local adult recreation league. It’s been a sad day for a few years now and I feel bad for the few people who actually care about this version of soccer that is unique to North America. Over the years the Blast/Spirit have given us a reason to visit 201 West Baltimore Street in the dead of winter. For that I’m thankful but I’m not hopeful we’ll see that same product again anytime in the near future. Farewell Steve Ryan and I’m glad your gone but I fear you’ve taken the game I love away from me as well. Thanks for nothing!