The Modells in Dublin on the red carpet

February 27, 2008 |


Photo From Left – Pat Modell, John Modell (top), Bono, Art Modell

The Modells were on the red carpet for the Dublin premiere of “U2 3D” at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival.  The BONO fronted band sported customized RealD 3D glasses – designed by Bono- for the occasion.  Attending fans were given collectible RealD glasses as well.  The film opens wide on Friday the 22nd.

Photo: The Modells on the red carpet – Art Modell with Pat Modell, David Modell.

AND GUESS WHO WAS…in charge?

David Modell (Executive Producer on “U2 3D”) and John Modell (Producer on “U2 3D”) founded 3ality Digital, the company that produced the film.

As you know….

Our Modells led us/the Ravens to Super Bowl XXXV, where their victory brought the 2000 NFL World Championship home to Baltimore.

Photo: John Modell and wife, David Modell and wife, Art Modell (in front), Pat Modell, guest, guest, Sandy Climan (w. glasses)

JUST a little background….

John Modell headed the entertainment, broadcast and technology division of the Ravens, creating the groundbreaking multi-media technology and content for the team’s in-stadium experience, which is acknowledged to have re-defined the way live sporting events are presented. David Modell is a veteran of 20-plus years in the National Football League, serving the Baltimore Ravens in various administrative capacities, including as executive vice president and then chief operating officer for the Ravens. David Modell was integrally involved in every aspect of the formation and management of the organization, from the selection of team colors, logos and uniforms to spearheading the selection process for the team’s head coach.

~~~~~ Love you Modells!!!!

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