October 24, 2008 |

Now that Orlando is officially on hiatus for the 2008-2009 season the Baltimore Blast are in a 4 team league. This MISL separation has gotten ridiculous. Now the XSL and the NISL are fractured and both leagues cannot survive as independents of one another so how long until they re-group and form one league again? It better be sooner rather than later. it’s now becoming a cruel joke to those that follow the team religiously. Now we get to see the Blast play the same 3 teams all year long if they even get this thing off the ground. I’d rather have seen them fold the league up for this year and re-group with a real league with numerous teams and some type of open cup competition as well. All I can say now is there is really not much to look forward to this season as the NISL is very LITE on teams and and semblance of a real indoor league.