The Oldest Rivalry in the NFL, Packers vs. Bears

January 24, 2011 | Michael Schwartz

The oldest rivalry in football lived up to its hype on Sunday. The Packers and the Bears faced off in Soldier Field, and the tickets for this game were hard to come by. The highest seat in the stadium was selling for 450 dollars. Some seats were sold for 5,000 dollars; this shows the magnitude of this game. If you bought a ticket for 5,000 dollars then you got your money’s worth, because this was a very good game. The Bears played three quarterbacks, and very physical defense. The Packers offense was hot early but cooled down as the game continued. The first play of the game was a reception by Greg Jennings but he got hit hard and that set the tempo for the game. The Packers drove down and scored and they were off to a 7-0 lead. The Bears needed to make a statement but they didn’t.

The Bears offense was really slow in the first half, and Jay Cutler got hit and had a knee injury. He left with 30 seconds left in the first half to get his knee looked at. He came out in the second half and they went three and out. Cutler came out because of his knee injury and Todd Collins went in. After two series they pulled him due to the fact that he was 0/4 passing. Caleb Hanie, a third year quarterback from Colorado State, took over with a minute left in the third quarter. This decision by the Bears was questioned because if they had run the ball twice with Collins in, then they would have been into the fourth quarter. If your third string quarterback comes in before the fourth quarter then no other quarterback could be subbed in. This third string quarterback brought the Bears back within a touchdown. Caleb Hanie played a great game throwing a great touchdown to Bennett. Bennett caught it and split to defenders to get a touchdown. Then he drove them down the field a Chester Taylor finished the drive with a touchdown. The score was 21-14, and the Bears had the momentum.

The Packers offense hadn’t scored since the first half. The offense was cold and Aaron Rodgers was getting hit hard on every play. Julius Peppers was around him on every play and they couldn’t stop him. The Packers couldn’t run anymore, and they couldn’t pass because they didn’t have time. Lance Briggs and Julius Peppers hit Rodgers hard after he threw on one play, and they were flagged. Peppers hit Rodgers helmet to helmet and then Briggs’ hand hit Rodgers helmet back. When Rodgers got up he had blood on his tongue and on his chinstrap. Rodgers got hit hard many times in this game and by the end of this game he had to be black and blue.

The last drive of the game was the led by the Caleb Hanie. It was 21-14 and the quarterback drove them down the field but threw an interception. He was looking for Knox on fourth down but he was double covered and he recorded his second interception of the day. Aaron Rodgers ran onto the field and kneeled twice for the win. Aaron Rodgers finally gets his shot on the biggest stage of them all, the Super Bowl. One of the greatest organizations in the NFL has the opportunity to win another Super Bowl, their first since 1998.

The Packers defense played a great game led by veteran Charles Woodson. This defense is very young with players like A.J Hawk, Clay Matthews, and B.J Raji. Matthews got pressure on the Bears quarterbacks all day. B.J Raji had a pick six in which he celebrated with touchdown dance. Charles Woodson didn’t have his best game, but they won so it was not a big deal. He will need to play a great game in the Super Bowl and he has the potential to do so. Their defense will need to stop Mendenhall, because if the Steelers can run then they will destroy you. The Packers are good at stopping the run, and they are good at stopping the pass. They are the number five defense in the NFL, and it showed when they played the Bears.

The Bears had a great season, and they are all upset that they didn’t make it to the Super Bowl. They had a great season led by quarterback Jay Cutler. He got injured yesterday and some of his teammates said he was being a baby. Brian Urlacher stepped up to the podium during his press conference and said that Cutler is one of the toughest guys on the team. Urlacher backs his quarterback and that shows his veteran leadership. He isn’t blaming Cutler on the loss, but that’s what some of his teammates were trying to do. Matt Forte had his best season since coming into the league three years ago. The defense played well throughout the entire year and they will be a good team into the future. The Bears will be a good team in the years to come and will probably make the Super Bowl soon.

The Packers are in the Super Bowl, and they will have a tough task ahead of them. The Packers played well throughout the entire year on offense, defense, and special teams. The offense was dominant and the defense was just as dominant. They have been battling injuries all year but they have persevered through it all. They deserve to be in the Super Bowl as much as anyone and will have a tough task ahead. They will need to stay out of the trash talking in the week leading up to the Super Bowl. This is a young, fast, and talented team. The Packers need to prepare for a very stringent Steelers defense and a good Steelers offense.