The Ones Left Behind

July 06, 2009 |

I promised my wife I would leave my job and sports alone while on vacation. For the most part I’ve stuck to people watching on the beach & boardwalk.  I’ve only watched a few innings of Orioles baseball and don’t think I’ve missed much.  I know I’m echoing the sentiments of the other bloggers on WNST but I wanted to comment on the big news of the weekend also.

Steve McNair

Like every other Ravens fan I was shocked when I got my WNST text about McNair’s death.  We had just come back from the beach and I was taking the kids up to the pool so my 2 year old could get some swimming in. The dad in me came out right away. My first reaction was wondering how his kids would take it. I can’t imagine how you tell your kids that dad or mom was shot to death. As the story unfolded the details got worse for them.

No one can help McNair now. He has gone onto a better place. My concern is for the family that McNair left behind. His sons and wife will have to deal with the media blitz that will surround this case.  I know it’s a pipe dream but they should be left out of the fury, especially the sons. They will need their own time to grieve and to cope with the loss of their father. 

If you read my earlier post you know about the special relationship I had with my dad. He was my best friend, my mentor, and my teacher. Our time together meant the world to me. I can’t imagine how I would have turned out without him. I don’t care how much money the family has, growing up without a dad won’t be easy. They are going to need the support and love of their extended family to get though the next couple of years.

I can only hope that the media will be unmedia-like and leave the family alone.  The blood is in the water but they don’t have to be sharks going in for the kill. Let’s hope they use some common sense and decency and leave the family alone.

Steve McNair should be remembered for how he played on the field. His courage, leadership, and calm demeanor on the field made him a fierce competitor and winner. That’s how I’ll remember Steve McNair. I hope that’s how everyone remembers him.         


Adam Jones

Congratulations on making the first of many All Star teams (I hope). You’ve made a fantastic leap from last year and have developed into more than we had hoped for.  You’ve become the Orioles’ best defensive Centerfielder since Paul Blair. The most important thing is we haven’t seen the best from you yet.  


 I feel George Sherrill was just as deserving of the trip to St. Louis but he went last year. Let him rest and put on a show for July. The better the month the higher a return in players we get for him.