The Orioles are a farce!!!!

May 31, 2009 | Keith Melchior

This was supposed to be a big weekend for Baltimore and the Orioles. The so-called savior has arrived.  Come to the ballpark, spend your money and see the future of the Orioles…..DH


You mean to tell me that Orioles and manager (for now) Dave Trembley couldn’t reward the fans on the Orioles biggest weekend since 1997 and have Wieters catch today?  Oh it’s a day game after a night game. He can’t do that.


33,000 people take off from their normal activities on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to venture to the park hoping to see the future of the Orioles and what the Matt Wieters hype is all about. They get to the park and hear the lineup has Wieters in it. GREAT!!  Oops he is DH today. You may get to see him bat 3 or 4 times depending on how many baserunners the Orioles have gotten on. Had I gone to OPACY for the sole purpose to watch Wieters play today, I would have demanded a refund when I saw he was DHing. 


This is why baseball players have become prima donnas. They can’t play a freaking baseball game 3 days in a row without resting.Guys like Johnny Bench used to catch both games of a doubleheader. A real doubleheader, not the day/night BS they play these days.  Hockey players sometimes play 2 and 3 games on consecutive days. In fact the starting goaltenders for Detroit and Pittsburgh are playing again tonight after leaving it all on the ice last night. Tell me goaltending is easier than catching?  NOT!!

Wieters is about  24 yrs old, he has energy. He could have caught today.  The Orioles touted his arrival this weekend as a really big event.  They claimed they aren’t going to win this season before the season even started, so THIS weekend especially Trembley could have bucked the stupid B team system he locked himself  into and let Wieters catch, if for no other reason then so the 33000 who did pay to see him play today could have actually SEEN him PLAY. Sorry folks, but DHing is not playing. Not after all the hype we saw and read about this week.

If they are so worried about their star player, then let him rest on the road this week in Seattle and Oakland.

The Orioles really suckered lots of people into going to the ballpark this weekend.  They are a farce as an organization.