The Orioles: Pathetic,Not Hopeless

August 15, 2010 |

Now with Buck Showalter taking over as skipper and the Orioles crashing towards perhaps the worst modern day record (the 1897 Cleveland Spiders holds the all time worst record with only 29 wins), it could be said the Orioles are pathetic and hopelessly never going to have another winning season.  True they are on the pathetic side now having now 13 straight losing seasons including possibly thre worst in franchise history.  But as far as being hopeless, the Orioles are far from that.  Cheer up O’s nation, there is true hope the Orioles will turn it around.

First of all, the franchise has finally now the front office and on the field leadership pieces in place.  This team is not the Pittsburgh Pirates or the Kansas City Royals.  Despite the high volume of criticism including certain on-air personalities against Peter “The Great” Agnelos, he is leaving the baseball operations with baseball people  with Andy McPhail and now with 2-time Manager of the Year Buck Showalter instead of meddling like he has in the past when he had Frank Wren as the G.M.  Also “King” Pete is spending money for players and into the franchise.  Fans fail to remember that he made significant offers to Mark Texiera and to A.J. Burnett.  He also spent top dollar to sign draft picks Brian Matusz and Matt Weiters.  I know there are people who are complaining about not going head-to-head with the Yankees and the Red Sox for free agents, but the real need for this team to compete for the long haul is to build up the minors.  Eventually, the Yankees and Red Sox won’t be available to sign all the top players.  And those they do will get hurt and there wont be anyone in their minors to replace them.

This leads into the my last point,  by stockpiling the farm system you will have enough pitching to win.  Right now it may look like that MacPhail is failing.  However,  you dont pamper these young pitchers, you throw them in there to learn there craft.  Sure they are going to get their brains bashed in once in a while, but the object is for them to learn how to pitch well in the majors.  If they dont,there will be others in the system who will.  That goes for position players such as Josh Bell.  Let them play up here with the big club to see if they have the stuff necessary.  If not, then you go get someone who can do the job.  With McPhail,eventually his plan will be successful and there will be talented prospect coming through the pipeline of the O’s minor system and he knows his way around the free agent market and Angelos will eventually land a big free agent.

Are the Orioles pathetic?  For right now yes they are.  Are they hopeless?  Absolutely not!  They may be the worst team in baseball right now and play in the toughest division in the sport,but they will turn it around.  It may not be next season,they will be winners.  There is hope in Birdland.  These 13 years of character building will pay off.  The Orioles are not the Pittsburgh Pirates or the Kansas Cith Royals who have absolutely no hope of ever winning.  They have the financial wherewithal to win,the brain trust to make it happen,and eventually the talent to do so.  There is light at the end of this tunnel,so hold on the ride to winning will be worth it.