The Orioles

August 25, 2009 | Paul Hoke

Hmmmmmm. So where do I start with this topic? I love those goofs. They have been, and always will be my first sports love. But, like the wife, sometimes, throughout the course of or time together, they do things that make me love them just a little bit less. We are now 12 years into that loving a little less phase, and to be honest, I’m quite tired of it. Don’t miss understand me, orange kool-aid drinkers, I do think that they are FINALLY headed in the right direction. But from what I cant tell, they are still 3-4 years away. Anyone who thinks Brian Roberts is gonna be around long enough to play a meaningful game in Camden Yards, needs another shot.

Look, I love the Orioles. I’ve loved them since my dad took me to 33rd Street for the first time in 1979. But I have to be honest. They are still a train wreck. They lack leadership, they lack discipline, and right now, they lack direction. The last one, may be in the process of bring fixed. But the other two, they are still a few years shy of. I don’t want to hear about this guy or that guy coming up from the farm. Until they get guys to fill the first two items I just pointed out, and that includes a manager who is more then just an angry puppet, they will continue to spin their wheels. That also includes them finally hiring people of integrity to run the day to day workings of their organization.

As i said before, the Orioles are my first Baltimore sports love….but I love them less and less each day, until they’re fixed.