The O’s STILL stink!

November 06, 2009 | Paul Hoke

I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. The fact that the New York Yankees had been championship-less since 2000 couldn’t last. It was nice, but baseball isn’t built that way. Baseball is built so that you watch the Yankees every post season. That’s what the networks want, that’s what the league wants, and of course, that’s what makes the money. Do you think for one second that the league and FOX wanted to see a Twins-Rockies World Series? Not a chance. It had to be the Yankees. And it was just as painful watching it this year as it was back in 2000. And here’s the sad part….our hometown Orioles STILL stink.

Nothing has changed with them. My son was born in April of 2000. He was 6 months old when the Yankees beat the crosstown Mets in the 2000 Fall Classic. That was the last time they tasted the Series winning champagne. Until last night. He is now 9 years old and in the fourth grade. And yes, the Orioles STILL stink. God that is sad. And I want the Orioles’ apologists to defend that. I want to hear from the people that say the Orioles “have a plan” and are “headed in the right direction” to tell me why they still stink, 9 years later. I want someone, anyone, to tell me why I should accept this? As a die hard Orioles fan, this infuriates me. They STILL stink! It’s a rudderless ship that shows no signs of getting better. But hey, they’re making money. And alot of it. As a DirecTv customer, it is nice to know that none of my money goes to fund that garbage. Andy MacPhail was supposed to come in here and be the savior. All he’s done is cut payroll, endorse that curmudgeon Trembley, and throw out a Double-A team that the fans are supposed to pay major league prices to watch.

I started thinking about this last night. Before last evening, the last Yankees World Championship came 3 months BEFORE the Ravens won the Super Bowl. And all us Ravens’ fans know exactly how long ago that was. Bill Clinton was still in the White House. Joe Flacco was 15 years old, for God’s sake! And they STILL stink. Meanwhile, the Yankees spend every off season doing whatever it takes to win, to get better. What do the Orioles do??? I don’t know, because they don’t talk to the radio station I listen to. Don’t get me wrong, I know that the C.C. Sabathia’s and Mark Texieria’s of the world are nothing more then mercenaries. But the Yankees paid them. The Yankees care about tow things….winning, and their fans. The Orioles used to care about those same two things. They used to care, the used to get it. If you run a quality organization, that puts the fans and winning ahead of making money, then the money-making takes care of itself. Duh! I’m a moron and I get that. If you do things the right way, then instead of drawing 15,000 fans to a Wednesday night game against the Tampa Bay Rays, you draw 40,000….and….brace for it….MAKE MORE MONEY! Not to mention the impact it has on the community, the impact it has on business owners, and the impact it has on us, the fans. The fans who pay the salaries. The fans who love this team and want nothing more then for them to get back to what they once were. To be able to say again with pride, “We are fans of the Baltimore Orioles.” We can’t say that now. They are a terribly run organization, with a management style that more resembles the Oakland Raiders and Washington Redskins, instead of class organizations like the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox. God it hurts saying that. But it’s true….they STILL freakin’ stink.

One thing the Yankees’ championship has taught me is that for all the garbage we hear about the young pitchers, building the team around Markakis and Jones, Wieters being the next rock star, this team is no closer to competing then they were 9 years ago. Because no matter what MacPhail says, no matter what Allen Macallum says, and no matter what Trembley mumbles, there is one fact taht stands out more then anything…..


Go Ravens!!