The Other Number 19

July 07, 2013 | Josh Murr

The Sunday tradition of having Ray dance out of the tunnel will be no more. (holding tears back) There is yet one that stands just outside gate A of M&T Bank Stadium. We rub his foot for good luck. Good ole Johnny U! His statue greets fans upon game day. Seems like these days there is a new “tradition” from a new “number 19.”  The tradition I am speaking of is hitting home runs at a record pace. The name behind the number is Chris Davis.

This season has been a fun one so far for the Orioles. Right in middle of the division and wild card races. Adding to the fun has been the work of Chris Davis. What a season he is having! Not to discredit the rest of the Birds, but I want to take a moment to point out where we could be headed with Davis’ success.

To start the string of interesting points, did you know Chris Davis was originally selected by the Yankees as the third to last pick in the 2004 draft?! Talk about another team’s loss, ones gain.  He has developed several nick names by media and fans. His original one was the most obvious, Crush Davis. This one was derived from a play on Crash Davis, character from Bull Durham. My personal one is Orange Crush. I will combine the two and just dub him Crush. Simple, yet gets the job done.

Crush has secured a spot in the All Star Game, along with most fan votes! Looks like more than just the Os fans are taking notice. To get him voted into that spot, he has been putting up some awesome numbers. Currently sits at over .300 average, 33 orange crushes (or also known as home runs), and 85 RBI. This is not September numbers folks. This is just BEFORE All Star Break! He is on pace for like 70 home runs and 200 RBI. Impressive to say the least! Also, I have heard he is not too shabby with the glove at first base. Could come in handy.

Last point I want to bring up is the dreaded “steroid talk.” No, I will not be bringing up the whole debate is he or is he not using. I am laying that one to rest. What I will bring to light is the fact that with this whole “steroid era” placing asterisks all over the record books, the single season home run record may possibly be within reach for Crush. So if the asterisk records are there, and Roger Maris’ 61 homers sits there, would that mean Davis has a legitimate shot at the record?! Mind you his would be without the said asterisk. This will be the most compelling storyline as we march on towards playoff positioning. Imagine, Chris Davis: new single season home run king!

Awesome to think about, right?! In time, we will see what unfolds. Until then, let’s enjoy this season Davis and the Orioles are having. LET’S GO Os!!!