The Ozzie Newsome question…

January 01, 2008 |

I will blog more about today’s events later, but here are a couple of questions that I haven’t heard answered.
Why is Ozzie Newsome still employed here? Did he have nothing at all to do with the team only winning one playoff game, Steve?

Did Ozzie not get some of the blame for the team that the Ravens fielded this season, Steve?

Or was it that certain individuals did not like Brian, and you went with that?

I have always felt that Brian has taken some shots and questions that Ozzie should answer for, as the GM, but Brian always stuck his neck out for Ozzie and took the heat off of him.

That is what a team player does.

Today, Ozzie showed that he appreciated Brian taking some of the blame for that. I never heard Ozzie once today say he had anything to do with this team being 5-11.

Guess we will have to wait until it is convenient for Ozzie, on draft day, to talk about how this is the best draft class ever and how Joe Blow from What’s-a-matter U will be the next greatest safety in the NFL, but not be found when things go wrong.
Hope whomever they hire as head coach is willing to take as many bullets for Ozzie as Brian took for him.