The Patriots Owe Me Money

May 13, 2008 |

“Nobody makes half time adjustments better than the New England Patriots.”  We all said it.  Or anyone who follows football, anyway. 

For years now they’ve had an uncanny ability to play virtually mistake free football in the 2nd  half.  I’d go back and find the scores to prove it but I’m too lazy and, besides, I KNOW I’m right. 

Betting against the Pats was usually a bad idea because, even if your money looked safe early, nail biting time didn’t end until the final play of the game. 

And it was because of that dreaded 2nd half.

The defense would force a key turnover or, behind Tom Brady, the offense would march up and down the field like they were playing against a Pee Wee team. 

Gee, ever wonder why the Pats could put up points using wide receivers known only to their own mothers? 

Well now we know.

I spent the morning watching ESPN’s Mark Schlereth and Cris Carter explain just how devastating the kind of info the Patriots were obtaining would be to an opposing team. 

Carter was practically salivating as he described the ways in which a wide receiver’s routes could be adjusted if you knew they were playing Cover 2 shaded to one side of the field or the other.

So what can we all say about the Patriots now?  A dynasty?  Or a team of cheaters who have severely injured the integrity of the game?

The answer is- it depends.

If the league discovers, or is willing to admit, that most other teams do the exact same thing then it’s all balanced, fair and the Patriots lose nothing.

However, if somehow that evil genius Belichick and his band of hooded spies found a way to vastly improve their chances without the need for something silly like really talented players then it’s over.  Guys should be fined, maybe even banned, and the integrity of every player who ever wore a Patriots uniform called into question.

Oh yeah, and someone owes me A WHOLE LOT OF FREAKIN’ MONEY!

Because I can’t tell you how many times I bet against the Patriots (Monopoly money for entertainment purposes only) and got spanked. 

And it usually happened in the 2nd half.  Of course, if I had half a brain I would’ve just bet the Pats every week in the 2nd half and be living in a Spanish villa by now.  

But enough about my own financial misfortunes.   What about everyone else?

Remember, gambling is legal in Las Vegas.   That means that anyone who placed a bet against New England should be screaming right now.

Also, money aside for a second, what does all of this do to the reputation of the players?  Someone on ESPN pointed out that maybe the players didn’t know what was going on.  Do you believe that? 

Were the players so stupid that they didn’t wonder why guys seemed WIDE OPEN in the 2nd half? 

You  buying that?  I’m not.

There’s a difference between gaining that competitive edge- because we all know Cris Carter was one of the best ever at pushing off without getting caught and Mark Schlereth freely admits he committed a holding penalty on nearly every play he was involved in- and robbing the game (and me) of a truly fair outcome.

Roger Goodell wants this whole thing to just go away.  I’m sure today he’ll announce that all the evidence he received only supported what he already knew and for which the Patriots have already been fined and sanctioned.

Thoughts? Opinions?  We’ll be talking about this along with the O.J Mayo story tonight from 6-8pm on The Fighting Ungers.