The “Pittsburgh Won But Still Suck” Edition of Three Stars and Three Geeks Of The Week

May 14, 2009 |

No motif this week. Just straight up stars and geeks.

The stars:

* – The Washington Capitals – for having a great season and an exciting playoff series despite the big steamer that they left in Game 7.

** – The Baltimore hockey fans that showed up at all of the WNST hockey viewing parties. It was a pleasant surprise to see and hear hockey be relevant in the news and in talk radio.

*** – The Magnificent Seven – The seven finalists of the “King/Queen of Baltimore Sports Talk” contest. Congrats to everyone who entered. I, personally enjoyed the experience and am grateful for the opportunity.

And now, the geeks……

1. The Oriole pitching staff – If I even consider nominating them again, I might retire them and elect them into the Geek Hall of Fame!

2. The Caps’ defense in the last playoff series (or lack thereof) – Poor Varly was left to fend for himself while Crosby and Malkin could have set up office furniture in front of the crease. The Caps were too soft in front of their own net.

3. Myself – Why? I posted a Youtube of “Ovechkin” by the group Pummeler on the day of some of this season’s playoff games. Every game day that I posted the video, the Caps won. Yesterday, I did not have the opportunity to post the “Ovechkin”vid, and as a result, I may have schleprocked “the red” last night. To quote Kevin Costner in “Bull Durham”, “…never mess with a streak.” And to quote Larry The Cable Guy, “Oh lord, I apologize!”