The Playoffs are slowly killing me

October 29, 2009 |

It’s 11:20 PM, do you know where your husband is? He’s most likely passed out on the sofa with the World Series blaring in the background. Every October I complain about baseball’s ridiculous postseason scheduling, and then I proceed to stay up until Midnight 5 times a week watching the very thing I complain about. I’m thru with complaining but I will say this, MLB has me and at this point can pretty much do anything it wants to me. Where MLB, and the networks for that matter, miss the point is that they don’t have a stranglehold on the next generation and continuing to schedule games later and later and make the season longer with unnecessary off days in the playoffs only makes the game less appealing to kids.

I’m officially sick of Mariano Rivera. He’s the sole reason I picked the MFYs to beat the Phils in 6 and he’s on his way to a 6 out save tonight. He’s been throwing one pitch for 15 years and I still can’t figure out how no one can hit it. He’s a one trick pony, but it is apparently the most amazing trick in baseball history.

The Orioles declined Melvin Mora’s 2010 option today. No surprise there. Melvin had been overpaid, showing his age and his baserunning skills make Jeff Stone look like Ichiro. I’d like to acknowledge Melvin’s service time as an Oriole. He wasn’t a great player, but was a very good player on a very bad team for a long time. He played all over the field, hit everywhere in the lineup, and from all accounts has been a good guy in the community. There were some rough spots this season between Melvin and Dave Trembley and I hope those few days of angst don’t overshadow Melvin’s career. That being said, with today’s announcement the Orioles are already a better baserunning club than they were in 2009.

Round of applause for Pedro Martinez tonight. Charlie Manuel showed great foresight in starting Pedro in Game 2 at Yankee Stadium. We knew Pedro wouldn’t rattle but weren’t so sure about how he’d pitch. He pitched into the 7th inning and gave his team a chance to win. AJ Burnett was simply better. Pedro got a pretty good chuckle as the Bronx faithful booed him mercilessly as he headed for the showers. Another great performance in a should-be Hall of Fame career.