The Playoffs Begin on Sunday

December 30, 2011 | Marty Mossa

Ok Ok I get it, I’m spoiled. The Baltimore Ravens are going to the playoffs for the fourth straight year, and the eighth in the 16 year history in the NFL. There are twenty other cities in the NFL who would die to be us. I get it. I should be satisfied just to make the playoffs, but I’m not anymore. I WANT MORE!!!!

I’m tired of getting the #5 five seed, winning against some scrub team and then losing to Pittsburgh in their stadium. The Ravens were 8-0 this year at home. They were 3-4 on the road. We even lost to horrible teams like Jacksonville and Seattle. We can’t play on the road, and therefore we can’t lose to the Bengals on Sunday.

A loss to Cincinnati all but guarantees the Steelers of yet another division championship and the number two seed. And it sets the Ravens up for the same old scenario. They will go to Denver and win there, and then go to Pittsburgh and lose. I’m sick and tired this scenario. If the Ravens are to be successful this playoff season, they must first beat the Bengals this Sunday. This will secure a bye and at least one home playoff game.

The bye would allow the team to heal up, and strive to continue the home winning streak. I think a loss will deflate the team and the fans and we will once again look at the missed opportunities. Last year we gave the Steelers an early Christmas gift and handed them the division on a silver platter. A loss in Cincy after sweeping the Steelers, will yet again provide the Steelers will a New Year’s Day Gift, neatly wrapped with a nice big purple bow on it.

It’s well documented, we win & Steelers win, we take the AFC North and second seed, if New England were to be upset by Buffalo, we’d take #1. If we lose and Steelers lose, we’d take AFC North & Division. But if we lose and the Steelers win, we’d fall to #5th spot and the Steelers would be the AFC North Champs & #2 seed. If Bengals win, they’re in at #6th seed. The rest of the AFC looks like this:

CLINCHING SCENARIOS: The Jets clinch a wild-card spot with a win and either of the following scenarios: 1) CIN loss + TEN loss + OAK loss; 2) CIN loss + TEN loss + DEN loss.

CLINCHING SCENARIOS: Oakland clinches the AFC West with a win + DEN loss. Oakland clinches a wild-card spot with either of the following scenarios: 1) OAK win + CIN loss + TEN loss; 2) OAK win + CIN loss + NYJ win.

CLINCHING SCENARIOS: Tennessee clinches a wild-card spot with a win + a CIN loss + any of the following scenarios: 1) NYJ win + OAK loss; 2) NYJ win + DEN loss; 3) NYJ loss + OAK win + DEN win.

CLINCHING SCENARIOS: Denver clinches AFC West with a win or an OAK loss. (courtesy of

So let’s hope for a Raven’s win, and look forward to some Raven’s home cooking come this January. Go Ravens, Go Browns, & Go Bills!!!!

Happy New Year to everyone in Ravanland!!!!

118-111-4 Against the Spread