The polls are closed and the results are in..

November 07, 2007 | Keith Melchior

It’s election day, so I thought I’d share some results from the NFL after 9 weeks.

Cincinnati-20, Cleveland-26, San Diego-20, New England-41, Indy-27, Miami-17, Seattle-15, Pittsburgh-25

No, these are not power rankings, locker combinations, or point spreads. These are the number of TDs these teams have scored thus far. The Ravens have a grand total of 9, yes that’s NINE.

Week after week we hear the same things from the coaching staff. Something to the tune of,"…we’ll look at the films, assess the problems, and fix what needs to be fixed…"

The Ravens are 4-4 and have 8 fewer TDs than a team that is winless. Nothing has been fixed thus far, so what makes us believe things will be fixed in time for the remaining 8 games?

Sometime during the first quarter at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday, we will hear Bruce Cunningham’s recording of the Fan Credo, which includes, "…you can expect the team’s best effort on and off the field…..if you don’t , LET US KNOW…"

Right now, after 8 games, I guess this IS the Ravens’ best effort, so don’t expect any miracles over the next 8 weeks.