The Ravens Can do Better for Friday’s WR Tryouts

July 21, 2009 |

Are you satisfied with the players the Ravens are bringing to town for the WR tryouts on Friday? I’m not. We should be able to do better than Drew Bennett & DJ Hackett. If we are going to take a flier on a player to replace Derrick Mason, as least make it someone who had more than 13 receptions last year. I’m going to suggest someone I probably shouldn’t but will anyway. If we truly are looking for someone to replace the Mason’s numbers then Matt Jones should be our man. Before you want to lynch me just think about it.


Most of the notable free agents have issues. Marvin Harrison looked old and couldn’t produce with Peyton Manning as his QB. Plaxico Burress has the “smoking gun” court case pending with a potential suspension to follow.  Brandon Marshall has his pending domestic violence case and a probable suspension to follow. Matt Jones has already served his suspension for his cocaine arrest. He admitted he drank beer earlier this year at a golf outing and has just finished his 10 week court ordered stay in rehab.


Jones’ numbers were close to Mason’s last year. Mason averaged 5 catches per game while Jones averaged 5.5 catches per game. Mason averaged 13.0 YPC while Jones averaged 11.3 YPC.  Jones has received little attention as an UFA due to his past problems. With his lack of suitors the Ravens should be able to sign Jones to a 1 year cap friendly deal with a club option. It should contain restrictions and clauses for his off the field behavior and activities.   


Jones has baggage and would benefit from the Ravens’ support system which has a history of helping players turn their lives around. They should monitor him closely and demand unlimited random drug tests. If he has another problem on or off the field cut him loose. If he really has straightened his life out, we could be catching lightning in a bottle.


Jones has the size to be a good blocking WR. He can go across the middle and be an impact WR in the red zone. He has the speed to stretch the field. WR’s coach Jim Hostler could help Jones continue to improve his route running and technique. Cam Cameron would have many options with Jones at WR and on imaginative trick plays.


Derrick Mason’s retirement has left a hole at WR and Matt Jones should be the player to replace him. How much of a risk are you and the Ravens’ willing to take to get to the Super Bowl? It’s not time to panic but be creative and think outside the box. Matt Jones is outside the box and is worth the risk.  He wants to show the world he is an All Pro receive and not a bust. What better place to prove that then at M&T Stadium.