The Rice Decision

February 27, 2012 | John Kirkner

The Ravens are doing the right thing by looking to extend Ray Rice. They are doing the right thing for all of the reasons they always do the right thing. It signals to other players that the Ravens take care of their own. That draft picks are important and that performance gets rewarded. For all of those reasons the Ravens are doign the right thing. Unfortunatley for winning it just isn’t. The odds are stacked against running backs health heading into years 5 – 10. The list of backs that were versatile and avoided injury throughout long storied careers can be listed on one hand. Of those long tenured backs only Emmit and Payton earned rings. It’s a long standing myth that you have to run the ball to win in the NFL. Every superbowl winner shows you only need to run adequeately. No team which led the NFL in rushing has ever won a Superbowl. Get Rice done he earned a big pay day and we can hope that we have the next Walter Payton in our midst. Unfortunately and with the size and speed of today’s players on defense the Ravens playing roulette with the future.