The Ryan Kalil we’ll never know..

April 29, 2007 | Nestor Aparicio

It became more clear as the afternoon went along that the Ravens wanted Grubbs or Staley.

I really believed there might have been the possibility of backing up to allow someone to reach up and get QB Beck from BYU. But it didn’t happen and I saw Grubbs coming right after the Browns/Quinn deal.

The amount that the team has invested on the OL — Chester, Brown, Grubbs, Terry — tells you the direction and the seriousness that the team puts on protection for the quarterback and maulers for the running game.

There is nary a negative word on Grubbs throughout the internet and just the notion that the team would take a guard with the No. 1 pick should tell you how solid this guy must be.

I NEVER second guess Eric Decosta or Ozzie Newsome on draft day. I know them and know their work and results well enough to know that a LOT of thought and effort was put into making Grubbs “their guy” today.

Not exciting…not sexy…just a solid pick, I hope.

And as always, if the Ravens picked him, chances are I’m gonna like him!

They have a knack for almost ALWAYS finding good people. We’ll see how it turns out on the field!

Now onto pick 62! As always, the waiting is the hardest part…


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