The Seventh Inning…that escalated quickly… I mean, that really got out of hand fast.

May 20, 2009 | Tom Clayton


Wow, Brad Bergesen looked to be in a genuine pitchers duel against CC Sabathia tonight and then it all fell apart so quickly. In the Orioles first trip to the new Yankee Stadium Bergesen was cruising through six innings keeping the Orioles within a run and shutting down Yankee hitters.  Then suddenly Yankee catcher Francisco Cervelli hit a routine groundball to Robert Andino that was an easy double play to end the inning and whoops, he blows it and all runners are safe.  After that play it looked like the Orioles were shell-shocked and couldn’t get their head back in the game.  On the next play Derek Jeter hit a two run double and nobody wanted to catch the cutoff throw from Adam Jones; Cervelli scored from third and the game was officially out of hand.  On another note the way Cervelli bounces around when he is on base and behind the plate reminds me of the spaz from my Kindergarten class that used to eat paste and his own boogers.


On the upside Brad Bergesen looked dominant over the first five innings. He kept the Yankee hitters off balance and other than the homer he gave up to A-Roid in the first inning he was almost untouchable.  At 23 yeas old Bergesen could be a fun prospect to watch develop this season, I don’t think he is a top of the rotation starter but he has shown me enough to want to see how he matures this season.


As for the new Yankee Stadium it looks like a beautiful venue for baseball; but I noticed a lot of empty seats behind home plate.  Later as they panned through the crowd I noticed there were a lot of empty seats throughout the entire stadium.  It is too bad to see Yankee fans can’t fill new Yankee Stadium the way they do at Camden Yards when the Yankees come to Baltimore.


After A-Roid hit his home run in the bottom of the first “Whoop There It Is” played over the Yankees P.A. system.  Way to keep up with the times New York; maybe A-Roid could have done the Macarena as he rounded third or threw Beanie Babies into the crowd after he got back to the dugout.  “Whoop There It Is” hasn’t been popular for well over a decade, was “Who Let the Dogs Out” to contemporary for Yankee fans?


It was nice to see Adam Jones back in the lineup tonight.  I could have done without seeing him leg out an infield single and then attempt a feet first sliding catch in the first inning after missing the last four games with a sore hamstring.


Brian Roberts is begin to steal a lot more lately; his steal of third base in the first inning directly lead to the Orioles only run of the night.  After only swiping five bases in the Orioles first 35 games B-Rob has stolen five bases in his last four games and has a steal in four consecutive games.  This is a good sign as B-Rob’s lack of steals early was beginning to make me wonder if he was nursing an undisclosed injury or had become complacent after signing his extension in the off season.


The Orioles have dropped four of their last seven and it looks like they are well on their way to another ninety loss season. Our inability to make routine plays is a situation that if it isn’t resolved quickly it is going to lead to the first 100 loss season in Baltimore since 1988.  I guess we still have the call up of Matt Wieters to look forward to but it is becoming increasingly difficult to sit through an entire game.