The Skid Falls to 6, the O’s Fall to 2nd

June 01, 2012 | Chris Benson

5 in a row they lost, now six, did they not realize they were in first in the standings? The Orioles got off to one of their hottest starts to the season in quite some time. Fans were enjoying the moment and every time I headed to the ballpark, there was just a different feeling that I haven’t felt in years. The magic was back and alive and it was great to see. Having been going to Camden Yards even during the times they were losing, I enjoyed my time, but this start of the season was just different. I attend the recent game against the Red Sox, only this time I didn’t feel like I was at a Red Sox game. The team ended up winning 4-1 and walking out of the ballpark that night fans were ecstatic and screaming “1st Place! 1st Place!” I recently was as Saturday’s game against the Royals and we had the lead up until about the 7th inning and everything was great. That is until the pitching starting to give away and eventually lead to a Kansas City comeback, 4-3. It’s hard to imagine that a team leading the league in errors remained in first for 2 months. Leading the league in homeruns was a great way to counteract those errors, but now those errors are starting to catch up to them. Ever since that game against the Royals things have slowly come back to reality, even though I remain hopeful. Having lost the series to the Royals and being swept by the Blue Jays, the Orioles seemed to have a hard time finding a way to break the 5 game slide. Friday night the battle for first kicked off at Tropicana Field and I was looking forward to see if the team could comeback after having a much needed off day. They get shut out 5-0 and leave the bases loaded twice. Signing Adam Jones to a long-term extension needed to happen and he’s gone out of his way to help provide motivation, I just didn’t realize they would go on a losing streak. The team remained in first, but as of late they’re not playing like a first place team. Frustration has set in and they will break out of their slump, it’s only a matter of time. I just hope it’s soon because with the division getting tighter, they need to be at their best. It’s been 15 years; it’s about time they turn it around. One day, maybe even this year still, Orioles magic will be alive again!