The Start of Something Special?

April 21, 2009 |

Brad Bergesen will make his long awaited major league debut tonight for the Orioles in Camden Yards.

Regardless of how he pitches, I believe that this move could mean the start of something special for this franchise.

Obviously the Orioles and their fans would like to see Begersen be successful, but the fact that the Orioles took the initiative to bring him up instead of Chris Waters, after the injury to Alfredo Simon says a lot.

Many Orioles fans, including myself, wanted to see the young pitchers up here to start the season and believe that Bergesen should have made the starting rotation out of Spring Training.

Bergesen, 23, is the first of the talented young arms that the Orioles are expecting to bring this franchise back to prominence. If Bergesen pitches well, then we will likely see Tillman, Arrieta and Matusz even sooner then we expected. I believe that we are most likely to see Troy Patton and David Hernandez this year and maybe more if Bergesen pitches well.

The Orioles are being very cautious with their young pitchers because they do not want to ruin their psyche by bringing them up to the Major Leagues and then having them pitch poorly. I have never been a fan of the adage and believe that if you have talent then you will be successful in the Major League and if you don’t then you won’t.

I think that no matter how he pitches, Bergesen will be in the Orioles starting staff for the rest of the season. If he pitches badly it will not ruin his confidence, it will just give him that much more experience and help make him successful next season.

Adam Eaton and Mark Hendrickson have pitched how many fans expected them to pitch and I don’t think that either of them will be in the rotation by season’s end. Hendrickson will like get moved to the bullpen paving the way for a call up from the Minor League’s, while Eaton is likely to be released outright or just optioned to Minors.

Thanks to the Bergesen call up, there will be more pressure on Eaton and Hendrickson to pitch well because the fans will be clamoring for the young pitchers every time either one of them pitches badly.

Tuesday night will be the start of Andy MacPhail’s “plan” and one of the most important nights in Orioles history. Bergesen symbolizes hope and excitement for Orioles fans that have had to endure 11 straight losing seasons.

The Brad Bergesen era has began, and hopefully this is the beginning of a long and successful career for him.

So take it all in and embrace it Orioles fans, this might be the start of something special and could mean the true return of “Orioles Magic.”