The Steelers invade Harford County…and evidently it’s OK

March 29, 2010 | Drew Forrester

The Pittsburgh Steelers showed up in Harford County on Sunday to play a charity basketball game at North Harford High School.

We got the lowdown on today’s edition of The Comcast Morning Show, even talked to the guy who organized the whole disgraceful affair, and took a bunch of calls and e-mails on the matter.

The verdict?  It doesn’t seem to be a big deal.

Let me repeat myself again.

The Steelers showed up here on Sunday…in the Ravens market…and played a basketball game in a gym in Harford County.  And they were evidently welcomed with open arms by over 750 people who paid an admission fee to watch the whole thing.

Shameful, really.

Say what you will about Pittsburgh and THEIR fans and all that stuff, but you can bet your black and gold rump on this:  The Ravens would NEVER be allowed in Pittsburgh – outskirts or proper – to play a charity basketball game in a high school.

As Ravens PR Vice President said on the show today, “Play a charity basketball game there?  No way.  Heck, there have been times I thought we might not get out of the stadium parking lot on the team bus in Pittsburgh.”

The Steelers set up camp in our neck of the woods on Sunday.

Ken Brinkman is the football coach at North Harford HS.  He was kind enough to join me on today’s show after we tracked him down at the school.  He said the whole event was a rousing success.  He even said, “we’ll do it again next year”.  He admitted he’s a Steelers fan, too.

He talked as if WE were screwed up for questioning his decision to bring the Steelers to Harford County.

“We needed to raise some money for the football program, so we brought them in knowing how many Steelers fans there are up here.”


Why not do what the other schools do?  Have a bake sale.  Or a car wash.  Sell some Joe Corbi’s pizza. Get the moms of the kids who play football at North Harford to pose for a lingerie calendar or something. Have the dads put together a charity golf tournament.


Want more anti-Steelers fodder?

Guess who helped promote the whole event?

The (Harford County) Freaking Aegis, that’s who.

Some dude up there named Randy McRoberts purports to be the sports editor at the Aegis and is also a Steelers fan.  As he wrote (paraphrasing) in his review of the day:  “It was great to see everyone in the gym representing the Black and Gold”.

Representing the Black and Gold?

They were in BALTIMORE doing that.  Not Pittsburgh.

Why didn’t North Harford HS just bring in the Yankees while they were at it?  Maybe Bin Laden could have signed some autographs for $100 a pop with the proceeds going to the football team.  Why not just see if O.J. Simpson could come up on a free weekend and pose for photos?

Here’s the absolute worst part of the whole deal.


I can’t believe it.

The local newspaper up there promoted it.

The school sold tickets for it.

People showed up and paid an admission fee to watch Santonio Holmes, Charlie Batch and others play basketball.

One e-mailer (Greg) said, “Drew, get over it.  This is Steelers country up here.”


That’s like saying Irwin, 30 miles from Pittsburgh, is RAVENS COUNTRY.

Another genius in his Hines Ward jersey (Mark) sent me an e-mail and said, “You and Glenn are coming across as nothing more than Steelers haters (complaining about this).”

That’s RIGHT.  We SHOULD be coming across like that.

The Steelers have no business – none, zero, zip – being in Harford County playing basketball and infringing on the Ravens’ market.

That kind of s**t would NEVER go down in Pittsburgh, for sure.

There are tons of methods for fund-raising.  Sell candy bars.  Or t-shirts.  Have a 50-50 raffle.  Get the cheerleaders to host a dance.  Have a bull roast.

But you just can’t bring the Steelers to Harford County.

Everyone involved — all of them — should be ashamed of themselves.

For the record, the Ravens were asked to participate, but they don’t have a basketball team.

That doesn’t make it any more reasonable, by the way.

Our buddy Dan in Fallston chimed in and said, “What’s the difference between the Steelers doing that and you guys organizing bus trips to go see the Washington Capitals play hockey?”


We have a football team here.  They’re called the Ravens.

The Steelers don’t belong here.

They’re bums.

In fact, rather than have those folks in attendance on Sunday watch the Steelers play basketball, they should of showed them all last season’s December collapse at home against the putrid Raiders in which Oakland came in with the equivalent of Charlie Brown at quarterback and beat Pittsburgh in their own building.

Now THAT…I would have paid money to see.

In fact, THERE is a great fund-raiser idea.

Next winter when the football team at North Harford HS needs to raise money, why not sell tickets to an event where we watch the Steelers lose to the Browns on a Thursday night?  (hee hee)

I can’t get over it.

The Steelers were INVITED to Harford County and took over the school for a day.


And no one up there cares enough to raise a stink about it.

Bake sale…car wash…lingerie calendar…bull roast.

Anything but the Steelers.