The Super Bowl Experience

January 30, 2008 | Glenn Clark

Crabs and Beer will be back. I promise. I have been running all over the place for SB XLII; but it will be my goal to get it back up before the end of the week if at all possible. There won’t be a Super Bowl in Arizona next week. Things will be normal.

Here’s the blog I wrote today for our my current employer’s site….


The one question that I keep being asked while I’m here covering my first Super Bowl is “What is the Super Bowl experience like?”

I have to start by saying that the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee is doing a TREMENDOUS job. It is not just myself that feels that way; every reporter, talk shot host, columnist, blogger, cameraman, producer, etc. I have talked to has shared in my feelings regarding the job they have done. Every time I do as much as walk down a hallway, there is somewhere there to greet me, ask me how I’m doing, ask me if there’s anything they can do for me, etc. It is truly a great experience.

It is especially important that the PEOPLE around Super Bowl XLII make the experience better because Arizona itself has MANY deficiencies that keep the area from being an ideal Super Bowl host city. The events of Super Bowl week are spread out DAILY from Glendale to Laveen to Tempe to Phoenix to Scottsdale to Chandler to God knows where I might find myself tonight; and these places are nowhere near each other. Also, the city of Phoenix has been through a remodeling process for something like 327 years as they build a mass transit “light rail” system. (It’s not ready yet, so mass transit is a problem too). There are more issues, but I’m not purposely trying to bore you.

The moral of the story is that this Host Committee has done such a good job that you almost forget about many of the negative things Arizona entails as a Super Bowl location. I would love to compare Phoenix as a Super Bowl City to some of the other host cities in the past; but since this is my first experience, I’ll just be forced to say that it has been pleasant.

I mentioned on “Calling All Sports” Saturday last weekend here in Arizona that I am a MUCH bigger fan of the NFL Draft than I am of the Super Bowl. As nice as my Super Bowl Experience has been here in Arizona, I have to admit that I’m actually MORE convinced of that now than I was a week ago. Here are some of my observations from my Super Bowl Experience:

-With no offense to Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Michael Strahan, Eli Manning, or anyone in this game; my first ever Super Bowl Media Day was less that overwhelming. I credit the NFL for allowing Media Day to become the circus it is; it just allows the league another day of complete overexposure that you can’t even imagine anywhere else. But frankly, I really don’t care about Mexican TV anchors who propose to starting QB’s or what Patriots LB’s think about the fact that their name is spelled wrong on their placard. It just does nothing for me. I’ve already dissected the game in my head, and I’ve already heard what everyone else thinks as well. I just don’t care anymore.

-I have been known to enjoy a nice party every now and then, but it’s getting to the point where I have to show up at a party to pick up a credential for a bigger party. And in the process, don’t ask me where to park or how I’m getting there. I appreciate the free food, free booze, etc just as much as the next guy; but I could also make some turkey kielbasa tonight at home while watching the Coyotes game and I’d probably be just as happy. Not to mention, many of these parties are held in a town called Scottsdale, and I’d rather spend my evening in Las Cruces, New Mexico than wander into the hell-hole known as Scottsdale.

-Candace Michelle is wandering around today talking to radio stations, TV networks, and gawkers with cameras. You may know Candace from her days as a WWE Diva, or her Playboy cover, and now of course from commercials for I really don’t care how Candace Michelle feels about the Super Bowl. I really don’t care who Candace Michelle thinks will win. Frankly, I don’t care about anything Candace Michelle has to say. But every single person in this room has talked to her at one point today. I have to wrap this up because she’s standing over my shoulder and I’m about to start a conversation myself. I SWEAR I should know better…….

-I really appreciated seeing the Gin Blossoms last night; but couldn’t believe how the Super Bowl media completely ignored them being on-stage. The moment of the night at the Media Party was singer Robin Wilson saying he’d “Like to take this time to thank the William Morris Agency for booking them here.” It’s amazing how when a formerly attractive woman who is now clearly past her prime will attract 1,000 stalking members of the media; but the band that gave us “Allison Road” and “Hey Jealousy” can’t even get a look. (Hey, I know they’re not Pearl Jam; but I love those guys.)

-Next year I’m hiring a current professional athlete to walk down Media Row promoting Glenn Clark. Could Igor Olshansky have possibly gotten more attention for someone who really has accomplished very little? I just heard him do a 10 minute interview about NutriGrain bars or something like that.

I will gladly cover the Super Bowl every year for the rest of my life and I will be grateful for the opportunity. But ask me if I’d rather talk about Marshall Faulk’s avocados or the shifting ability of a RB who will become a 4th round pick; and I’m talking Draft Stock any day.