The Super Bowl is now…

April 14, 2009 |

Alright, the Ravens schedule has been released, and while most of my attention is geared towards the O’s, let’s talk Ravens for a minute.

The Ravens are built for the Super Bowl this year and possibly for a nice little run for a few years thereafter.  Top of the league defense… check.  Playoff tested, strong arm QB… check.  Solid bruising ground attack… check.  Dependable possession receivers… check, check and check.  Vertical receiver that can stretch the defense…  not so much.

I know that Ozzie probably will think I am crazy for saying this, and probably some of you, but we need a receiver now for 2 reasons.  First, that player would instantly make us one of the top teams in the league on both sides of the ball.  It would make D. Mason even more effective.  Imagine if he wasn’t being double teamed!!!  That 15 yard curl would be a layup.  Clayton could finally utilize his speed on the outside or in the slot and the running game would be even more devastating if the “D” had to pull someone out of the box to cover deep and intermediate patterns.

Second, and maybe just as important; What has nearly every great QB had throughout his career?  A receiver to grow with; a catcher to his pitcher; a Karl Malone to his John Stockton; Peyton to Marvin, Joe to Jerry and so on…

We are solid at O-line.  We can sure up some depth at linebacker and corner in this year’s draft.  The answer for this year…. Trade UP.

We need Crabtree!!  Give up this year’s number 1, next year’s number one, and cash them in for a can’t miss wide out and a Super Bowl Ring.   If we do this, we set ourselves up for a long run at the top.  A young QB, a young WR, young O-line, depth at LB.  There are going to be wholes to fill every year.  This year we can fill the only vacancy we have and set ourselves up for a few years, by sacrificing only one high pick in one draft.  As Ozzie said, we need to be strong in the middle of the field.  With Crabtree, we can be strong DOWN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD for the first time in a long time.

Not to mention, the guy’s name is Crabtree!!  To steal a page from my father, “A guy with Crab in his name belongs in Baltimore!!”