The Turkeys in Sports

November 22, 2007 | WNST Interns

With Thanksgiving coming I thought this was a perfect time to pick on the real Turkeys in sports.   These are in no particular order.  By the way I left out a certain "very available individual," and our local football team–we beat them up enough over the year. 

Here we go and Happy Thanksgiving.

 1.   Barry Bonds:  Jealousy is a very strong emotion and in this case it has brought shame to what was a Hall of Fame career.  Bonds got jealous of Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa and decided that his Hall of Fame stats weren’t enough.  Steroids, perjury, and obstruction of justice–that’s your legacy now, Barry.  Will anyone remember that you were one of the best five tool talents that every played? 

 2.  Aubrey Huff:  Nice interview and, oh by the way, nice production for 32 million dollars.  Is Bubba "the Love Sponge"  struggling that badly that he had to have this overrated, lack of run producer on the air?  What some back up catcher from the Royals wasn’t available? 

 3.  Bill Belichick:  Yeah, I know he has won, but have you ever seen anyone look so constipated doing it?   His own protégé, Eric Mangini, threw him under the bus.  That tells you what kind of guy Belichick must be.

 4.  Michael Vick:  Threw away his life for a little fun and thrill.  Has there ever been a greater fall from grace?

 5.  Daniel Snyder:  The Redskins owner has shelled out $25 million to both Steve Spurrier and Joe Gibbs, countless millions to free agent busts like Brandon Lloyd and Adam Achuleta, and has had four losing seasons and just two playoffs wins since he bought the team in 1999.  It appears "Danny Boy" just can’t get it right and for that I am glad.   

 6.  Stephon Marbury:  Left the team in a huff over playing time and then tried to blackmail the coach to get back.  He’s been a cancer in Minnesota, Phoenix, and now New York.  While we are at it, throw the Knicks team into this discussion. 

 7.  The NHL:  Nice move bucking ESPN for Versus the year after a season long lockout.  NASCAR just raced  by you, and the PGA  played ahead.  Watch out, here comes Major League Soccer to give you a kick in the —–. 

 8.  Big Ten Football:  Had teams lose to Appalachian State, North Dakota State, Western Michigan and Florida Atlantic.   Plus its conference cable network has been a complete dud.   Good Season.

 9.  Scott Boras  Guess you went to the well once too often there, genius.  Embarrassed not by George Steinbrenner, but by his sons.  Fired by 40+ pitcher Kenny Rogers and let’s not forget he failed to get Matt Wieters $10 million from the Orioles.

 10.  Nick Saban:  Gee, what a surprise a Belichick protege.  Lies and squirms his way to Alabama.   Then compares losing a football game to the horrendous tragedy of 9-11. 

 Your Turkey selections are welcome.