The Wednesday Morning CMS Top-5: ‘Your sports bucket list.’

March 11, 2009 |

Welcome back for another edition of the Wednesday Morning CMS Top-5.

Today the topic is, “What’s on your sports bucket list?”  It all relates to what would you like to do in the sports world somewhat realistically before you bite the big one.

No more wasting time, let’s get to the results:


5.  Drive 100+ miles an hour at a motor speedway.

4.  Fight an official amateur fight in MMA……OR take a bump in WWE.

3.  Spend the week in Columbus before the Ohio State-Michigan game.

2.  Attend a World Cup match in Europe.

1.  Witness a late night 5 set U.S. Open match featuring a prominent American tennis player.


5.  Park his car in ‘Lot A’ at OPACY… aka the media parking lot.

4.  Tell the old security men outside the clubhouse in charge of keeping ‘un-welcomed,’ ‘immature’ members of the media out, that they do a fantastic job.

3.  Catch a foul ball in OPACY Press Box.

2.  Receive an Orioles Media Pass for his new plastic Media Pass holder.

1.  Spend $10 on a mediocre Salisbury Steak dinner in the O’s media room.