The Yard is Bouncy

April 12, 2009 |

Has anybody else noticed the amount of ground rule doubles hit so far during the Orioles games?  In only the first six games I have counted eight ground rule doubles hit already by the Orioles and their opponents.  My curiosity was piqued during opening day when two ground rule doubles were hit and then again during the second game when two more were stroked.  However it’s not like hitting ground rule doubles is totally odd or anything, but seeing eight in only six games is clearly out of the ordinary.  Now I know that the Orioles have a rubberized warning track around the field which has definitely helped many of these balls get over the fence on one bounce, but still eight?  Maybe the cooler weather and swirling breezes have knocked down balls in flight that normally would have gone over the fence, maybe it has something to do with the fact that the hitters timing is just a fraction of an inch off from really crushing the ball, or maybe it has to do with the testing of performance enhancing drugs?  Could it be that we’re now seeing the players perform on their natural talents and instead of seeing home runs flying out of “hitter friendly” Camden Yards, we’re now seeing a lot of doubles, especially ground rule doubles?  I don’t know what it is, but it will be something that I will continue to pay attention to, not just during the Orioles games, but in other games I watch too.   It’s another question in watching the “new” drug free baseball to monitor and see if the first six games at Camden Yards were just an odd coincidence or if this will be something extra to watch for this season.  Am I the only one that noticed this?  What do you think the reason could be?