There needs to be a 1 week boycott of ESPN

February 24, 2010 |

ESPN’s  Tony Kornheiser gets a 2 week suspension for “hurtful and personal comments” towards his colleague Hannah Storm.  She had on a ridiculous outfit that looked like a  a go-go girl out of an  “Austin Powers”  flick. Granted, Kornheiser did break out the trifecta of  “no no’s” when describing any woman: Age, outfit, and weight. Why don’t don’t you just cut open your arm and swim in a pool of sharks, Tony.  But ESPN handled it completely wrong, first of all, if Hannah wears a plaid skirt with red knee high go-go boots at age 47, she warrants ridicule. To me that’s no different than a 47 year old dyeing her hair “punk rock” blue for a week. If, Maryland’s own, Scott Van Pelt wore a “Simon Cowell” tight fitting shirt and jeans so tight a “body scan” wouldn’t be necessary, would he be off limits too? The double standard policy is wrong ESPN. If your a woman in the male dominated arena of sports and sports news, you have to take that criticism, and fire back, it’s not a stretch to take a jab At Kornheiser. If a guy worked in a field dominated by woman there would be back handed INSULTS not harmless humor. At the real crust of all this, was Kornheiser being the Sacrificial lamb for the Steve Phillips affair, with the girl who looked like “Meatloaf” during his run in the 70’s.