Things Sure Have Changed

July 23, 2007 | WNST Interns

I can remember a time when all we knew about athletes was what they did on the field. Now, we know, seemingly, everything there is to know about them. It makes you wonder if we know too much.

I can remember getting the Sunday Morning paper to see the stats of my favorite baseball players. It was my only connection with them. Now, I don’t know if they even post stats in the paper anymore. We have up to date trackers that do that now. We also have 24 media that does what I do for a living.

We can’t get enough. I fall to sleep with the NFL Network on. If I’m not watching old NFL games, I’m watching Marshall Faulk and Rod Woodson break down scenarios.

I wonder, do the athletes of today do more, or did we just not know about what the athletes of yesterday did? We didn’t have WNST in the 80’s. Was life truly better, or did we just not know what was going on? Just wondering.