Things to be thankful for…or not.

November 28, 2009 | Paul Hoke

As I sit her this Saturday afternoon, as yet another Thanksgiving has come and gone, I think about all the things that we as Baltimore sports fans should be thankful for…or not:

#1. Our beloved Baltimore Ravens are a mediocre 5-5 after several close loses to quality opponents.
Be thankful for: We aren’t the Lions, Browns, Rams, Bucs, Bills, or Raiders. The Ravens are an excellent organization and will always strive to be competitive.

#2: Free agency in baseball has opened and the Orioles have yet to dive in.
Be thankful for: The fact that MacPhail and Co. is reluctant to spend the money they have in millions to improve a horribly run franchise that was once the crown jewel of the majors. Why would they want to get better? After all, it would make the fans happy…can’t have that can we Peter?

#3: Baltimore does not have a professional hockey team.
Be thankful for: The fact that a professional hockey team isn’t subjected to playing in that obsolete, dilapidated dump we call a sports arena downtown. Build a new arena for God’s sake. We can use the mayor’s gift cards.

#4. The Baltimore Blast.
Be thankful for: The fact that we at least have a local, professional championship team that always puts on a fan and family friendly show every time they take the field at that dump of an arena.

#5. The Pittsburgh Steelers head in here to play the Ravens on Sunday night.
Be thankful for: Big Ben’s headache and Polomalu’s knee. No two Steelers have hurt the Ravens more over the course of this rivalry then these two. And the fact that they aren’t playing is a blessing. Ravens win, 24-10.

#6. Our Washington Capitals
Be thankful for: No matter what Glenn Clark says, this IS our local hockey team. They are the best team in the conference with the best player of this generation.

#7. WNST
Be thankful for: The fact that I don’t have to listen to 105.7 at all. And I’m still not calling Angelos’ rear end ice cream, no matter how much “The Fan” wants me to.

#8. The Orioles off season commitment to the Baltimore area with a variety of player appearances for local charities.
Be thankful for: Oh, wait….

#9. Art Modell
Be thankful for: The man himself. No Baltimore sports figure over the past 20 years, except maybe Cal Ripken, Jr., has done more for the local sports scene then this man. He brought football back to Baltimore, established the organization as one of the most stable in the business, and, oh by the way, brought us the 2000 Super Bowl title. He deserves to be in the NFL Hall of Fame, and should be one of the top 5 most revered figures in the annals of Baltimore sports. Thank You, Art!!!

#10. Our friends and family.
Be thankful for: Let’s face it, none of us would be where we are without the love and support of those closest to us. Take time this weekend to thank them for all they have done, I know I will.

Happy Thanksgiving to the WNST staff, their families, and the listeners. Have a safe weekend, and as always…..GO RAVENS!!!! It’s Steeler weekend ladies and gentleman.