This afternoon it hit me like a ton of bricks

January 02, 2008 |

So after being on the phone, internet, etc., over the last 24 hours more than usual, this afternoon I decided to take a break from everything.
After I woke up from a long winters’ nap (well, it was cold outside),  I realized something. Despite what happened yesterday or how I feel about what happened yesterday, life continues to go on. I still have my job, my wife and kids are still here and healthy, and Brian Billick will be fine without the Ravens.
I would rather now start to focus on moving forward and thinking about who the Ravens will bring in to run the ship. Is J.O retiring? Who are they drafting? Will they bring in any free agents? How things will change now after nine years? Can the new coach help bring in free agents (Cowher=Faneca)? Will players have to stay in Westminster for all of training camp? Will any of the coaches who were here be back? 
Getting used to a new staff of coaches will be something I have not had to experience since covering an NFL team, but it is a challenge that I look forward to, following the Ravens through this stretch and blogging here on