Thoughts from a Sunday at the combine

February 24, 2008 |

So another day has wrapped up here at the NFL Combine and again I will say that it is the best event I have covered in the NFL. Here are some more guys that I got to hear speak again today and my impressions of them:
Glenn Dorsey (DL LSU) Glenn was puzzled about all the talk that he was not going to attend the combine and says that he has been here the entire time. He will work out at his pro day at LSU and took a lot of questions about a leg injury that some people wonder if it will cause him to slip down the draft board. There seems to be a strong belief that he may not be the number one overall pick and is being passed by Chris and Jake Long and possibly Matt Ryan but no one feels he will make it past the top five. He also talked about how he has not worked out lately while attending the funeral of his grandmother.
Brandon Flowers (DB Va Tech) seems small but everyone talks about how he plays bigger than what he is, said that he would describe himself as having great ball skills. Did very well while talking with the media and had a pretty engaging personality.
Kenny Phillips (DB Miami) talked a great deal about his friendship with Ed Reed and how Ed has talked to him about what it will take for him to be successful. Gave Ed credit for showing him how to watch and break down film. Has not meet Ray Lewis but said everyone that plays at Miami has great respect for Ray and said he would agree with people that refer to him as the Godfather of Hurricane players.
Aqib Talib (DB Kansas) reminded me a lot of Chris McAlister with his size and build. Talked about Deion Sanders was who he modeled his game after and always wanted to be like Deion. A reporter then asked him if that meant he does not like to hit? He then got a real big smile on his face and said “no, I love to hit.”
Mike Jenkins (DB SFU) buzz around members of the media is that he could be a risky first round draft pick. Jenkins said that he molds his game after guys like Champ Bailey and Al Harris, which drew some laughs from the media due to Jenkins starting to grow his dreads out.
-Lot of talk from people who watched the quarterbacks work out today is that this is not as good of a quarterback class as people make it out to be. There were some positive thoughts on Michigan quarterback Chad Henne and Delaware Joe Flacco. Again I still do not think beyond Matt Ryan any of these guys will be taken in the first round but I do think that there could be a run on quarterbacks in second round.
-There still seems to be this growing buzz that something bad is going to come out about Arkansas running back Darren McFadden and cause him to slide down the draft board. People will admit that it could mean he goes from the number two pick to the number four pick, but his past might hurt him.
– I have talked about in the past that I think the linebacker position is a position the Ravens will have to address soon with Ray Lewis and Bart Scott eligible for free agency. Jarrett Johnson is solid but limited in my opinion. Prescott Burgess is a guy that can have a role on the team at the linebacker position, but probably not an every down player. Antwan Barnes is a raw talent and seems to be very good at going after the quarterback but also could be limited. If I am the Ravens and decide to address the linebacker position/ defensive end need in the first round I would think Vernon Gholston from Ohio State, Chris Long from Virginia, or Keith Rivers of USC are very solid options and could be franchise type players at the number eight position. My guess is that Gholston  and Long will be gone before the Ravens get a chance at him making one of them their pick if the Ravens address that need in the first round . Again I will say I think that the Ravens go defense in the first round barring Matt Ryan is still there. I would put