Thoughts from draft day #1

April 27, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Joe Flacco got the call from the Ravens right around 5pm today.

Kyle Boller and Troy Smith got the message – if you know what I mean – right after that.

The Joe Flacco era is underway in Baltimore and the respective tenures of Boller and Smith are now both on borrowed time.

With some fancy draft day maneuvering (some around the league have suggested it was perhaps a bit “too fancy”), the Ravens got their man and a handful of second day picks for all of their hard work.  What looks to be a rather benign first day (Ray Rice, a running back from Rutgers was the team’s 2nd round pick) could become a volcano of shrewd business success tomorrow as the Ravens will no doubt add secondary help, an offensive lineman or two and, perhaps, at least one more quality wide receiver to the mix.

The draft can’t be fully evaluated until after tomorrow’s selections, but one thing stands out from day one.  The Ravens wanted Flacco all along, and today they made sure they got him. 

Ozzie says they’re ready to turn their football team over to him.

I’m assuming he doesn’t mean THIS year, right?

We’ve tried that “throw the QB into the frying pan right away” theme and, well, that didn’t work out so well.

I’m sure Ozzie & Company have learned their lesson.

On to day 2.