Thoughts on attendance at OPACY, Chris Henry, and Erik Bedard

April 03, 2008 |

Here’s to hoping that pathetic attendance at Camden Yards is not national news (again) tomorrow morning. This morning on Mike and Mike, ESPN radio’s national morning show which is simulcast on ESPN2, Mike Greenberg brought the new record for lowest attendance at Camden Yards to the national spotlight. I do not have an exact quote, but he said something along the lines of: did you hear about the attendance at the Orioles game last night? 10,505 people, a new record for Camden Yards. That’s truly ashame…it’s one of the most beautiful ball parks in the country. It’s also only the second day of the MLB season. That really speaks volumes about the situation over there.


The attendance at last night’s game was truly an embarrassment. Failing to sell out Opening Day was bad enough, to set a new record for lowest attendance in the second game of the season is just astonishing.


Funny thing is the O’s actually won the game and Aubrey Huff was the hero. Talk about irony…


Well it’s only two games into the season and it’s already not looking good for the O’s pitching staff. Cabrera couldn’t get passed the 4th inning after Guthrie couldn’t get out of the 5th. This is really scary. The first two games of the season and our bullpen is already being overworked. The bullpen has been playing great, but we won’t have arms to go to if the starters can’t eat innings. Let’s hope Trachsel can get it turned around tonight and go AT LEAST six.


What planet is Chris Henry from? He went from slinging hippy lettuce to assault/battery over the course of a few short years. He’s just another example of a guy who just doesn’t get it. It’s time to lock him up for a little while and see if that snaps him out of it. With the current war of words between Chad Johnson, who I used to love but has officially pissed me off, and head coach Marvin Lewis, the Bengals look like they’re about to implode. I REALLY feel for Carson Palmer…if I were him I’d be demanding a trade (privately, of course).


So Erik Bedard will waste no time coming back to Baltimore, as the Mariners will come to OPACY for the weekend series. Bedard will probably pitch one of the three games and I’m interested to see how the fans receive him. If it were a stadium full of media members, he’d probably be booed louder than Aubrey Huff. Bedard was nothing short of a jerk to the media when he was here, and rumor has it that trend has carried over to Seattle. Considering the media members may outnumber paying customers this weekend, you might even here a few boos coming from the press box…it might even drown out all the crickets chirping at the yard.