Thoughts on Ravens coaching search

January 11, 2008 |

As the Ravens seem to get ready to gear up for round two of their coaching search, there are a couple of things that I noticed from round one:
          I agree with Drew’s blog in the fact that you can pretty much scratch Rex Ryan off of the list of candidates to be the Ravens next coach. I am of the belief that if it hasn’t happened by now….it isn’t going to happen for him here.
          Although fans have called the shows and sang the praises of Jim Schwartz, Mike Singletary, and Russ Grimm, none of them have been to 1 Winning Drive, and more than likely will not be coming anytime soon. Schwartz right now looks like he could be in the driver’s seat for the Redskins job according to Profootballtalk. There has to be a reason why Grimm, Schwartz, and Singletary, have not been to visit, could it be that someone in the building does not like them, does someone maybe feel like they are not qualified? Who knows, but there has to be a reason. Looking at Russ Grimm this afternoon, you do not even hear his name mentioned really as a candidate for the Falcons, or Dolphins job.
          There has been some interesting debate as to which job opening is the most attractive offer, Redskins or Ravens? Well there could be an even more interesting job offer thrown in the mix pretty soon, as there is a lot of speculation that Tony Dungy is possibly ready to call it a career. I remember being in the press conference after the Colts won the Super Bowl and one of the first questions was whether Tony was coming back or not and he even seemed like then that he was not sure. Coach Dungy has accomplished pretty much all there is to accomplish on the football field in his mind. After all that he has dealt with in losing his son and his very strong religious beliefs and desire to do work related to his religion, I have to think that he is done after this year. Profootballtalk has an article quoting a source as saying that Dungy “is done.”
          For what it is worth, I will play conspiracy theorist for a second. Would you be surprised to see Dan Snyder come in and try to pry Jason Garrett away from the Cowboys and make him the next head coach of the Redskins? I think that would be a big time splash hire for them to take away the “prodigal son” from the Cowboys. I hope Jim Schwartz gets the job, but I think Jason Garrett would be an interesting hire for them.
          If I am handicapping the Ravens coaching search right now, I am still going to go with Jim Caldwell at this stage in the ballgame. I do not think Jason Garrett will be an option here as he will either stay in Dallas or support my theory and go to the burgundy and gold.
          Non Ravens related, but I think this whole thing about how Tony Romo spent time with Jessica Simpson in Cancun is stupid……..WHO CARES. I mean yes I am a Tony Romo fan now because he is dating Jessica, and hope the Cowboys make it to the Super Bowl so it will increase my chance of seeing here in person, but really who cares. No one is talking about how Romo spent two days at the Cowboys facility watching tape during the week off. She apparently has been at two other Cowboy games when they won, but was not shown on camera, plus let’s be honest here, the only reason that people are talking about this is: A) it is Jessica Simpson…I mean if Romo was dating Suzy Johnson from Houston, would people be snapping pictures of Romo with her? B) He is a successful quarterback on one of the most popular sports teams in the world.
          How come a quarterback in Baltimore can’t date a celebrity? No Tara Reid does not count……. I mean come on she was in The Crow Part 3.