O’s Comment Box: Turn on the heat

April 09, 2009 |

It’s never bad to get off to a 2-0 start.


As Drew mentioned, if that 88 MPH heater is all Uehara’s got, he’s gonna get knocked around some.  That said, I like the fact that he threw it over the plate.  I’m not sure how they hold runners on in Japan, but Uehara needs some work in that department.


Gregg Zaun’s arm is a problem.  Those two throws to second base were real bad.  Look for Tampa to really take advantage this weekend.  Leadoff walks could prove deadly.


The base running blunder by Huff is unacceptable.  The Orioles are going to have to play a lot of ‘perfect’ games to stand any chance.  They’ll need to be able to execute things like the hit and run and be able to move runners over.


 Huff at first base is going to cost them at some point.  He can’t dig and he looks uncomfortable over there.  Did you see the pop-up he struggled with?  Not really as funny as Adam Jones seemed to think it was.  There was also a grounder that Mora had trouble with and Huff had to try and tag the runner on the way by, with a runner on second at that point, Huff can’t afford to turn and look at the umpire for a call.  He needs to be looking at the plate, and the possibility of the runner rounding third at that point.  I definitely don’t miss Millar, but Huff may prove to be a liability over there.  Obviously, Teixeira would have  been an upgrade defensively at first.  Still, hearing him get booed constantly is almost worth the sacrifice. 


 I’ve been saying for the last month or so that getting off to a good start was imperative for this club.  That’s why there can’t be any letdown today.  With 10 of their first 13 against division foes, wins matter more than ever.  A win today would make 7-3 in those 10 a lot more manageable. 


I’m getting a little sick of hearing about how the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays are all going to win 95 games this year.  How do you figure that?  Consider that they have 18 games against the other two and they split those.  That already hangs 18 losses on each team.  And say they go 11-7 against the O’s and Jays.  They now all have 40 wins and 32 losses.  Their record in the remaining 90 games would have to be 55-35, or .611, to get to 95 wins.  Maybe one of those teams does it, but not all three.  No way.


 Hey, a win today and the two retreads at the back of the rotation can stink it up all they want.  They’ll still be on pace to play .600 ball! 

 Sweep.  Sweep.